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KUGB Clubs may affiliate by registering on our Membership website and completing the Online Club Affiliation Form.

This ensures the information we receive about you and your club is more accurate and thorough.

Consequently visitors to the KUGB website looking for Shotokan Karate clubs in your area will be much better informed about your club.


Clubs wishing to join the KUGB should contact the KUGB Affiliation Office via email or phone:

Fees & Payment

Affiliation to the KUGB costs just £30 per year

Payments made online are processed through secure PayPal servers. Having a PayPal™ account is optional and your credit/debit card details are not transmitted to the KUGB.


The minimum grade for a regular KUGB Instructor is lst Dan. This is in order to maintain a high technical standard. In certain cases an exception can be made to this rule, on application to the Technical Committee, via the Affiliation Officer.

In the case of a club transferring from another Shotokan organisation, all members will be allowed to retain their present grade but must re-grade within 12 months of the transfer and be assessed for their KUGB standard. They will be awarded an appropriate grade, which could be the same grade, a lower grade or the next grade up. They will then continue grading with the KUGB within the usual time scales.

In the case of a club transferring from another style organisation, members may retain their grade for a maximum of twelve months but must take advice from a senior KUGB instructor or a grading examiner before taking a KUGB grading.

Karateka of 3rd Dan and above who wish to transfer to the KUGB will be advised by the Technical Committee regarding their integration into the KUGB grading system.

Benefits of membership to the KUGB

Clubs and their members enjoy many benefits, for information on some of these benefits please click here.

Information for club members

Information is regularly emailed to KUGB clubs as well as being displayed on this website. This includes minutes of Executive and General Meetings, lists of events and other important information. Club members will have access to this information through the club secretary, club notice boards, bulletins and, of course, via this website.

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