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20th Spring Karate Course, Kata Competition and Grading - 9th April 2004

20th Spring Karate Course

The 20th Spring Karate Course at Paignton was attended by almost 200 students, approximately half of whom were Dan grades.

The five day course covered all aspects of Kihon, Kata and Kumite and in addition there were Bo classes, an Instructor qualification class, lectures and a Kata competition.

Spring Karate Course Annual Kata Competition

A Kata competition is held on the Thursday of the course. For some, this will be their first experience of competition, but help and encouragement is always on hand from the more seasoned competitors. A friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere always makes this a very enjoyable event.

Our congratulations to all who participated this year - the final results were as follows:

Dan Grades

1st Kaley Lewis
2nd Selina Farwell
3rd Marc Caviel
4th Michael Caviel

Brown Belts

1st Arron Zimmatore
2nd Lindey James
3rd Richard Ince
4th Rachel Taylor

Kyu Grades

1st Darren Greyston
2nd Michael Apps
3rd Rosie Smith
4th Aled Frost

The kata competition winners.

The course finished on Good Friday with a Kyu and Dan grading - a list of the successful candidates is below.

Next year's course is booked for 3/8 April - note that this is a revised date as Easter 2005 falls early. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

KUGB Dan Grade Passes

Torbay - 9 April 2004

Examiner : Sensei A Sherry, 8th Dan

Our congratulations to the following on their achievement:

Shodan Passes

Lloyd M Barwood - Brixham
Joe Hatner - Exeter
Richard Ince - Gateshead
Nathan Mann - Tiverton
Simon May - Exeter University
Ryan J Morey - Torbay
Kelly Raggett - Kyoshin
Robert K Reynolds - Barnstaple
Emma L Somers - Hollies
Rachel Taylor - Tekki
Eiran M Williams - Tekki

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports