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2012 Central Region Kata Squad Selection - 11th February

The 2012 KUGB Central Region Kata Squad

The Squad Selection for Sensei Frank Brennan's 2012 Central Region Kata Squad took place on Saturday 11th February in Amington, Staffordshire.

Selection is for 14 year olds and above with a minimum grade of 3rd Kyu, and requires candidates to perform a Heian Kata of Sensei's choosing.

Some 75 Black Belts were selected, the largest in the Squads 15 year history. Black Belts from other regions, the North, South and Wales were selected onto the squad.

Sensei Brennan has structured the Squad training with the emphasis on technical development of Kata but he also includes basic combinations from the Dan Grade Syllabus.

In addition, and with permission from Sensei Brennan, Instructors from the South, North, and Welsh regions were also in attendance.

In conjunction with the kata squad training, Sensei Brennan also instructs an all grades course on the same dates for all KUGB members.

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports