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Spring Karate Course 2103 : 8th April - 12th April

2013 Spring Karate Course Group Photo

The 2013 Spring Karate Course, held at the Paignton Leisure Centre in Torbay, proved yet again to be a great success. Over one hundred and thirty students and many daily visitors attended the course enjoying first class instruction from the KUGB's most senior instructors.

The classes started at 8am and finished at 1.30pm, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy the lovely Torbay area.

The students were divided into groups depending on grade and the instructors taught the classes on a rotational basis. Sensei's Sherry and Brennan also held two special additional classes for those students preparing to take Dan gradings in the near future.

Senior instructors Ian Maclaren and Ivan Birch conducted very interesting seminars on the history, culture and physiology of Karate and Sensei Maclaren also instructed classes on the use of the Bo.

A Kata competition was held on the Thursday afternoon for three different grade categories - novice to 4th Kyu, Brown Belts and Black Belts; results are listed below.

A Grading was held on the Friday and many congratulations to all those students who were successful in achieving Kyu, 1st and 2nd Dan Grades.

The dates April 13th to 18th have been booked for 2014 and we look forward to welcoming everyone for our 30th Anniversary Spring Course.

Sensei Andy Sherry, 9th Dan, teaching Goju Shiho Sho

Sensei Sherry teaches Goju Shiho Sho

Sensei Terry O'Neill, 7th Dan

Sensei O'Neill

Sensei Bob Poynton, 7th Dan

Sensei Poynton teaches Ushiro Geri

Sensei Bob Rhodes, 7th Dan

Sensei Rhodes instructs the Brown Belt class

Sensei Billy Higgins, 7th Dan

Sensei Higgins teaches Heian Nidan

Sensei Frank Brennan, 7th Dan, demonstrating Ura Mawashi Geri

Sensei Brennan demonstrates Ura Mawashi Geri

Kata Competition Winners

Kata Competition Results:

Black Belts

1st L. Birt
2nd S. Bailey
3rd G. Hunt
4th J. Lottering.

Brown Belts

1st M. Naylor-Jones
2nd J. Felton
3rd F. Clough
4th T. Priest.

Beginner to 4th Kyu

1st S. Dritsa
2nd C. Dickenson
3rd P. Cunningham
4th E. Roberts.

Very proud of their course certificates

Proud of their course certificates

Black Belt Grading Results:

Passed Nidan

Vasic Dragoslav - Guernsey
Graham Hunt - Ikkyo-Aberyswyth
Zoe Jarrett - Cullompton
Peter Milne - Tiverton
Beth Morris - Tsuta Hashi
David Mulvihill - Clyst Vale SKC
Richard Sinnott - Dartmouth
Matthew Thornton - Torbay

Passed Shodan

Paul Conway - Guernsey
Daniel Curtis - Dartmouth
Joshua Davis - Torbay
Jennifer Felton - Dunfermline
David Hall - Kyoshin
Matthew Hall - Kyoshin
Alan Jones - Guernsey
Alexander Kartal - Kyoshin
Hugo McNally - Red Lion
Sebastian Naik - South Notts
Callum Sek - Guernsey
Manvi Shah - Makenki
Emma-Louise Smith - Red Lion
Wayne Taylor - Exeter


Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports