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National Championships - Saturday 24th April 2004

National Championships - Saturday 24th April 2004

The KUGB's 38th National Championships took place at Birmingham's prestigious National Indoor Arena.

The event was a great success, and it was very pleasing to see an increase in the number of competitors, both individuals and teams, in comparison to last year's event. The event ran extremely smoothly due to the hard work and dedication of the referees and judges, timekeepers and recorders, medical staff, stewards, helpers and the NIA staff.

As usual, the competition was supported by a very appreciative and knowledgeable audience.

The standard of competition was extremely high throughout the whole event. The eliminations began promptly at 10am and took place over twelve areas. The finals had been brought forward by an hour for this year's event and the earlier finish was well received.

The final event opened with the introduction of Mrs Enoeda as the special Guest of Honour and she was received very warmly by everyone.

Mrs Enoeda receiving her bouquet of flowers.

The KUGB Seniors were then introduced led by Sensei Andy Sherry 8th Dan. Sensei Sherry then presented the award of 7th Dan to Sensei Terry O'Neill, Sensei Bob Poynton and Sensei Charles Naylor.

Terry O'Neill, 7th Dan.

Bob Poynton, 7th Dan.

Charles Naylor, 7th Dan.

A number of Long-Standing Member awards were presented by Sensei Sherry, These LSM awards are given to those who have been in membership of the KUGB for over 20 years, and this year's awards brought the total number to around 300, many of whom have been in membership since the KUGB was formed in 1966. Each LSM received a special certificate, a leather licence holder and a free KUGB licence for as long as they remain in membership of the KUGB.

Demonstrations were provided by the children of the Arab Youth Club from Liverpool and by Sensei Frank Brennan, assisted by KUGB Squad members, and were greatly appreciated by the audience.

Demonstration from the Arab Youth Club.

Sensei Brennan deals with three members of the junior England squad.

Last year's Charity Appeal raised ?18,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and it was decided to continue this year's appeal for research into children's orthopaedics and make a presentation at a later event - perhaps at the National Youth Championship.

The opportunity was taken to introduce the medal winners from the World and European Championships which took place at the end of last year and their achievements were greatly applauded.

Sensei Sherry with Vicky Phillips, Zoe Campbell and Shareena Edmonds - World Team Champions.

The results including special awards are listed below and we extend our congratulations to them and all who participated.

We will notify everyone of next year's date soon and look forward to an equally enjoyable day at the NIA.


Male Team Kumite

1 Leeds
2 Kushiro
3 Coventry
3 Chingford

Matthew Price (right) on his way to securing the team title for Leeds

Male Senior Kumite

1 J Cunningham (Kaizen)
2 N Heald (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 D Field (University of Manchester)
3 D Randall (Leeds Karate Academy)

Male Junior Kumite 16 -17

1 A Duffy (Red Triangle)
2 D O'Donnell (Malvern)
3 J Cook (Bargoed)
3 S Morgan (Rochfords)

Male Junior Kumite 18 - 20

1 C Cray (Malvern)
2 J J Bruce (Ashington)
3 R Bertie (Rochfords)
3 L McLeod (Chelmsford)

Chris Cray (left) takes the title.

Male Kata

1 M Price (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 S Gordon (University of Manchester)
3 D Field (University of Manchester)
4 P James (Aberystwyth)

Female Team Kumite

1 Ronin
2 Aberystwyth
3 Hoku Shin
3 University of Manchester

Female Kumite

1 Z Campbell (Warwick University)
2 V Phillips (University of Manchester)
3 K Perry (Ronin)
3 S Edmonds (Hoku Shin)

Female Kata

1 P White (St Helens)
2 V Phillips (University of Manchester)
3 H Sterling (Chelmsford)
4 C Hibbits (Ronin)

Adult Team Kata

1 University of Manchester
2 Katsura
3 Gateshead
4 Ronin

Boys Kumite 10 - 11

1 M Frederick (St Helens)
2 R Powell (Bargoed)
3 L Steel (Kingswood)
3 R Anderson

Boys Kumite Under 5'

1 R James (Merthyr Tydfil)
2 M Roche (Red Triangle)
3 E Henderson (Bingham)
3 R Hamilton (Largs)

Boys Kumite 5ft to 5' 5"

1 K Hayes (Kirkby)
2 L Swali ((Wingfoot)
3 C Davidson (Kirkby)
3 D Batt (Leeds Karate Academy)

Boys Kumite Over 5' 5"

1 J McGorrian (Halewood)
2 G MacAulay (Gourock)
3 S Carr (Kenshinkan)
3 S Gregory (Shin Gi Tai)

Girls Kumite Under 5' 3"

1 J Collins (St Johns)
2 Z Starr (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 L Dixon (Cwmbach)
3 J Joyce (Tiverton)

Girls Kumite 5' 3" and over

1 P Sinclair (Porthcawl)
2 A Griffiths (Tekki)
3 V Roberts-Burt (Tekki)
4 N Keall (Ashington)

Children's Ippon Kumite

1 M Gale (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 M Hopkins (St Johns)
3 V Watson-Smith (Tekki)
4 S Clarke (Cwmbach)

Children's Kata (4th kyu and below)

1 L Banks (Wingfoot)
2 L Donahue (Kirkby)
3 A Meakin (Red Triangle)
4 L Smith (Denchi Kai)

Children's Kata (3rd kyu and above)

1 H Saif (AYC)
2 D Wright (Ashington)
3 N Keall (Ashington)
4 S Hopkins (St Johns)

Children's Team Kata

1 Leeds Karate Academy
2 Ashington
3 Tekki A
4 Wingfoot

Tony Francis Memorial Trophy
for the most gifted and spirited competitor

Z Campbell (Warwick University)

Wilkinson Sword
for the most outstanding competitor

J Cunningham (Kaizen)

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