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Special Dan Course Passes 2013 - 28th April

KUGB Special Dan Course : 3rd Dan (Sandan) Passes

The KUGB's 1st Special Dan Course of 2013 took place on Sunday 28th April at the Queens Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield.

The Course, free to all KUGB Black Belts, was very well attended by Dan grades ranging from 1st to 7th Dan.

The course was instructed by Sensei's Andy Sherry and Bob Poynton and is specifically designed for those students taking Sandan gradings and above.

Many congratulations to those who were successful.

KUGB Special Dan Course : 5th Dan (Godan) Passes

Passed Godan

Terry Geddis (Zanshin, N. Ireland)
Steve Potts (Mitsubachi)
Simon Elwood Thompson (Tekki, Aberyswyth)
Clive Davies (Tekki, Aberyswyth)

KUGB Special Dan Course : 4th Dan (Yondan) Passes

Yondan Passes

Simon Crowther (Shinko, York)
Susan Howard (Ichiban, Crawley)
Holly Sterling (Sendai Kushiro, Sunderland)
Jonathan Huddleston (Dunfermline)
Leon Cole (Woolton)

KUGB Special Dan Course : 3rd Dan (Sandan) Passes

Sandan Passes

Joseph Rawcliffe (Halewood)
Daniel O'Conner (Halewood)
Victoria Mulhearn (Halewood) Petrie Nicolescu (Cambridge University)
David Mills (Newtown)
Alan Lea (South Notts)
Philip Winterborne (Kyoshin, Newport)
Paul Shufflebotham (Newcastle Under Lyme)
Sarah Welsh (Tamworth)
Adam Welsh (Tamworth)

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports