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2014 Karate Summer School - 4th August to 8th August

2014 Karate Summer School : Course participants with the Senseis

This year's Summer School at Lancaster University proved to be a great success with a large increase in the number of Karateka attending.

Everyone checked in for the course on Sunday 3rd of August with the first class starting promptly at 8am on Monday Morning. The students were separated into various groups depending on grade and the instructors taught each class on a rotational basis.

Instructors Sensei Andy Sherry, Terry O'Neil, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan were delighted by the attitude of the students from all parts of the UK whose enthusiasm for training and improving their Karate was very inspirational.

There were two main Karate classes each day and also two extra classes for those taking Dan Gradings in the near future. Sensei Ian Maclaren conducted two bo classes and also gave a very interesting lecture on Karate History. Sensei Ivan Birch also conducted a very interesting lecture regarding physiology as related to Karate and also supervised the accreditation class for those students aspiring to become official KUGB Instructors.

The Superstars Games between the Dan and Kyu Grades took place on the Thursday and consisted of Basketball, Goal Scoring, Sumo, Break Sprints and Tug of War. The Dan Grades won the event by 4 to 1 in a very exciting and enthusiastic competition.

Gradings took place on the last day of the course and those who were successful are listed below. Many congratulations to you all.

2014 Karate Summer School : The successful Nidan grading passes

Passed Nidan

Michael Cave - Red Triangle
Todd Davies - Manchester University
Kenita Hallmark - Red Triangle
Padraig Timmins - Portsmouth
David Williams - Largs
Emily Williams - Largs

2014 Karate Summer School : The successful Shodan grading passes

Passed Shodan

Andrew Barratt - Newcastle-u-Lyme
Chloe Bickerstaffe - Seidokan
Jemima Blank - Ataru
Ian Ford - Woolton/Garston
James Harwood - Rossendale
Joseph Harwood - Rossendale
Bailey Hilton - Seidokan
Aaron Mateer - Backwell
Jim Mateer - Backwell
Jonathan Mourby - Tekki RS
Edward Pollard - Aaisatsu
Faye Rodgers - St Helens
Martha Young - The Vale

Passed Instructor Qualifications

Otto Blank - Market Drayton - Instructor
Mark Williams - Largs - Instructor

Michael Bloor - Hutton - Assistant Instructor
Liam Stone - Rossindale - Assistant Instructor


2014 Karate Summer School : The first day

The start of the first day

2014 Karate Summer School : Sensei Billy Higgins, 8th Dan

Sensei Billy Higgins, 8th Dan

2014 Karate Summer School : Sensei Frank Brennan, 7th Dan

Sensei Frank Brennan, 7th Dan


Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports