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Grand Slam - 28th August 2004

Grand Slam - 28th August 2004

One hundred and two Squad members took part in the above competition. This event takes place twice a year between England, Scotland and Wales and is designed as a combined squad training/competition in order to give the squad members experience under International rules.

The class warm up for the training

Outstanding this year was Matthew Price who won his 12th Individual Male Kumite event together with a fine performance of Unsu to take the Kata event.

Zoe Campbell the current World Shotokan Karate Association World Kumite Champion won the Female Kumite event and John Bruce, the current WSKA Junior Champion, won the 18-21 Male Kumite event.

The England Squad won all team events and individual results were as follows:

Matthew Price scoring ippon for England in the team kumite.

Male Kata

1st Matthew Price England
2nd Stuart Gordon England
3rd Lee Lamb England
4th John Bruce England

Female Kata

1st Stephanie Graham Scotland
2nd Julie Graham Scotland
3rd Jemma Mitcham England
4th Holly Sterling England

Senior Male Kumite

1st Matthew Price England
2nd Duncan Randall England
3rd Stuart Gordon England
3rd Michael Davison England

Senior Female Kumite

1st Zoe Campbell England
2nd Shareena Edmonds England
3rd Jemma Mitcham England
3rd Vickie Mulhearn England

Junior Male Kumite (18-20)

1st John Bruce England
2nd Chris Cray England
3rd Lee McLeod England
3rd Richard Bertie England

Junior Male Kumite (16 -17)

1st Craig Reynolds England
2nd Dean Stitson England
3rd Jonathan McGorian England
3rd Michael Caviell Wales

Junior Female Kumite

1st Caroline McGrath England
2nd Reem Shafi England
3rd Holly Sterling England
3rd Alice Griffiths Wales

Our congratulations to the above and to all who competed.

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Historic KUGB Reports