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Special Dan Course Grading Results 2104 - 4th October

The second of this year's Special Dan Courses took place at the the Sports Village in Bath University on Saturday 4th October.

The course was very well attended with the highest number of students taking higher dan gradings to date.

The Sports Village is a huge sprawling facility which caters for many sports and is always very busy with numerous athletes in intensive training, including Olympians.

The course is for KUGB Dan Grades only, and instructors Sensei Andy Sherry and Bob Poynton concentrated on the syllabus for those students taking Sandan gradings and above.

The standard was excellent with many KUGB stalwarts who continue to train and improve their technique and understanding of Karate.

Those grading included Ian MacLaren who at seventy two years of age passed Rokudan and still trains regularly despite many complex injuries.

Full results are listed below.

Many congratulations to you all.


KUGB Special Dan Course : New KUGB 6th Dan Black Belts


Ivan Birch - Red Lion
Philip Gandy - Chesterfield
Ian MacLaren - Torashin York

KUGB Special Dan Course : New KUGB 5th Dan Black Belts


Sandra Calder - Newcastle Sendai
Carole Fortune - Red Triangle
Graham Jennings - Newtown
Pat Keegan - USKFI
Sidney Mavris - Red Triangle
Keith Sherlock - USKFI
Christopher Williams - Red Lion
John Weir - Seidokan

KUGB Special Dan Course : New KUGB 4th Dan Black Belts


Blyth Baker - Egham
Tim Baker - South Notts
James Bartley - USKFI
John Booth - Rhyl & Prestatyn
Rhonda Hoban - USKFI
Liz Lisle - Ashington
Christian Leucke - Red Triangle
Tim O'Rourke - Shotokan Karate Academy
Russell Owen - Rhyl & Prestatyn
Glynn Roberts - Red Dragon
Joseph Shorrick - Shotokan Karate Academy
Gareth Thomas - South Notts

KUGB Special Dan Course : New KUGB 3rd Dan Black Belts


Jamie Bagby - Aaisatsu
Sarah Barnett - Tekki RS
Jane Crowther - Shinko York
Chris Denny - Backwell
Alistair Dewar - Sulihull
Christine Donnelly - Red Triangle
Jeffrey Jones - Rossendale
Cynthia Kasar - The Vale
Keith Limbert - Handbridge
Deborah Robertson - Handbridge
Grace Thompson - Shin Gi Tai
Caroline Weir - Seidokan

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports