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Dan passes, Slough - 2nd October 2004

Dan passes - Slough - Saturday 2nd October 2004

Senior Dan Grade Passes

A KUGB Special Dan Course took place on Saturday 2 October at the Montem Sports Centre in Slough.

The course was very well attended by KUGB Black Belts at all levels from 1st to 6th Dan.

The training was conducted by Sensei Sherry and he was assisted by Senseis Poynton and Naylor.

The Senseis were as usual impressed with the dedication and the enthusiasm of the students, many of whom had travelled long distances to attend.

A grading for Sandan and above followed and the KUGB is very pleased to announce the following successes:

(main picture is two of the successful candidates - Gary Blundell and John McCormick)

Sandan Passes

Ian Harman, Kyoshin
Gemma Heald, Leeds Karate Academy
Claire Hibbitts, Ronin
Pat Keegan, Dublin
Peter King, Stock
Lee Lamb, Gateshead
Royston Potter, Tiverton
Ross Temple, Gateshead
Gareth Thomas, South Notts
Ken Wight, Rochford

Yondan Pass

John McCormick, Red Triangle

Godan Pass

Gary Blundell, Aaisatsu

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports