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1st KUGB Grand Slam Competition of 2015


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1st KUGB Grand Slam Competition of 2015 - 28th February

KUGB Grand Slam - March 2015 : The KUGB Squads and Coaches

The first major tournament in 2015 for the Karate Union of Great Britain's (KUGB) International Squads of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales was held at the Queens Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield on Saturday 28 February 2015.

The Grand Slam is a major event in the KUGB calendar and has grown significantly in size and importance over the years. This year the number of competitors has increased and as a result the decision was taken to start the event earlier in the day.

2014 was an outstanding year for the KUGB on the International Arena where a large number of competitors reached Finals with many winning Gold at the European (ESKA) Championships in Zurich. Today, those competitors were in Chesterfield alongside both experienced challengers and new Squad members all aiming to 'kick off' 2015 with a good performance. As a result the level of performance and technical standard was inspirational and the spectators were treated to outstanding displays by the Karateka.

Squad members traveled from all over Great Britain and arrived a number of hours prior to the Competition to undergo Squad Sessions with their Country Coaches. There was still time for both the Coaches and Competitors to greet each other before they became fierce rivals later that day.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the Grand Slam experienced KUGB National Referees, Judges and Officials were in attendance. In addition they were supported by a large number of International Referees.

Throughout the eliminations and finals there were some outstanding performances that entertained the watching crowd. Sensei Sherry (9th Dan), Chairman and Chief Instructor of the KUGB, was extremely pleased with the strong attitude and spirit of all of the competitors. Of particular note was the strength and numbers of the young Karateka coming through the ranks for their respective countries, which all bodes well for a very promising future for the KUGB.

Full results below:

Cadet Male Kumite 13-15

1. Carly Lewis - Wales
2. Renee Spence - England
3. Maya Burns - England
3. Gemma Gibson - England

Cadet Male Kumite 13-15

1. Jamie Allan - England
2. Liam Miller - England
3. Shaun Mills - England
3. Aidan McLean - England

Junior Male Kumite 16-17

1. Ethan Armstrong - England
2. Connor Wilson - England
3. Conal Dewar - Scotland
3. Brandon Hutton - Wales

Junior Male Kumite 18-20

1. Robert Crowney - England
2. Cameron Graham - England
3. Christopher Schumann - England
3. Fraser Grice - England

Junior Female Kumite 16-20

1. Nicole Donoghue - England
2. Tash Ganderton - Wales
3. Kenita Hallmark - England
3. Meleri Pryse - Wales

Male Kata

1. Jack Somers - England
2. Stuart Amos - England
3. Connor Wilson - England
4. Ryan Spencer - England

Female Kata

1. Cristina Finta - England
2. Rachel Edwards - Wales
3. Kenita Hallmark - England
4. Meleri Pryse - Wales

Senior Female Kumite

1. Rhianne Blundell - England
2. Rebecca Rawcliffe - England
3. Cristina Finta - England
3. Victoria Ogunseitan - England

Male Kumite

1. Joe Rawcliffe - England
2. Herve Vanderkerchove - England
3. Ryan Tucker - England
3. Francisco Martinez - England

Male Cadet under 16

1. England
2. Wales

Female Junior Team Kumite

1. England
2. Wales

Male Junior Team Kumite

1. England
2. Wales

Female Senior Team Kumite

1. England
2. Wales

Male Senior Team Kumite

1. England
2. Wales

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