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Spring Karate Course 2015 - 30th March to 3rd April

2015 KUGB Spring Karate Course : The senior instructors with the course students

The 2015 Spring Karate Course took place last week in Torbay, Devon. The Course was very well attended with the largest turnout of students ever.

The students were split into four groups;  Nidans and above, Shodans, Brown Belts and Novices to 4th Kyus. Instructors Sensei Andy Sherry, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan took the various classes on a rotational basis, teaching Kihon, Kata and Kumite relevant to grade.

There were two extra classes for those taking Dan examinations in the near future; these were conducted by Sensei Sherry and Brennan and covered all aspects of the Dan grading syllabus and were greatly appreciated by the students.

Sensei Ian MacLaren held a series of Bo classes which were enthusiastically received. Sensei Ian MacLaren and Sensei Ivan Birch presented two very interesting seminars on historical and physiological aspects of Karate respectively.


Assessments were conducted for Dan grades who wished to become KUGB instructors and the following were successful:

Dave Roberts - Handbridge
David Craggs - Handbridge
Nicola Troake - Willand
Daniel Curtis - Ivybridge
Steven Connell - Backwell


Dan gradings were held at the end of the course and many congratulations to the following students who passed:


Izabelle Bate - Sei Do Kan
Ben Cordes - York Elite
Niall Gilligan - Solihull
Ben Kerrigan - Exeter University
Alexander Lockett - Chelmsford
Zachary Monteiro - Courtfields
Nabiha Rahman - Guernsey
Nafiza Rahman - Guernsey
Charlotte Wolf - Plymouth


Isaac Birch - Red Lion
William Croal - Guernsey
Kevin Diamond - Magherhfelt
Cevat Gakir - Barnstaple
Toni James - Ilkyo Aberystwyth
Alfie Williams - Red Lion
Olivia Younger - Guernsey


A Kata competition was held on Thursday afternoon consisting of three categories:

Black Belt, Brown Belt and Novice to 4th Kyu. There were some tremendous performances from the young competitors and congratulations to all who participated; the results were as follows:

2015 KUGB Spring Karate Course : Black Belt competition winners

Black Belts

1. Jamie Lottering - Chelmsford SKC
2. Thea Priest - Milverton Red Dragons
3. James Eva - Milverton Red Dragons
4. Lee Baker - Kyoshin

2015 KUGB Spring Karate Course : Brown Belt competition winners

Brown Belts

1. A Lockett - Chelmsford SKC
2. E Davies - Tekki RS
3. J Makuta - DSKC
4. N Rahman - Guernsey

2015 KUGB Spring Karate Course : Kyu Grades competition winners

Novice to 4th Kyu

1. C Don - Milverton Red Dragons
2. W Don - Milverton Red Dragons
3. T Dale - Ichiban Crawley
4. K.Hashemzadeh - Seishin


Many thanks to all those students who attended the course whose dedication and enthusiasm for Karate is so inspiring.

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