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EKC (English Karate Council) Championships 2015

EKC (English Karate Council) Championships 2015 : The KUGB Team

On Sunday the 17th May, members of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) England Squad entered the 1st English Karate Council National Championships in Sheffield.
The English Karate Council has circa 50,000 members and is composed of the following major Karate organisations: The Amateur Martial Association, The Federation of English Karate Organisations, Karate England, English United Karate Federation and the KUGB.
This was the first time this Championship had taken place and it brought together Karateka from all the EKC member bodies to compete together in individual Kata and Kumite events.
Following a briefing of the Referees the tournament began with all six areas hosting Kata events. Those competing for the KUGB Team were entered into either a Shotokan Kata only category or an open style Kata category competing against competitors from Gojo Ryu, Shito Ryu and Wado Ryu. In the Individual kumite events the categories were split by age and weight with matches decided either by Shobu Ippon (one full point) or Sanbon Ippon (three full points).
There were many outstanding performances from our KUGB England Competitors with many progressing through the elimination rounds and into the finals.
The finals began with an opening ceremony where the EKC Chairman John Bell presented both the Referees and those Competitors who had reached the finals to an enthusiastic audience. This was then followed by a dynamic demonstration of self-defence by John Bruce, Sam Light and Jamie Allan from KUGB Sendai Kushiro.
The finals commenced and the standard of performance and strong martial attitude of our finalists was excellent in both Kata and Kumite. The KUGB topped the medal table with 16 Golds (4 in Kata and a fantastic 12 in Kumite).
Sensei Sherry said "all of our competitors gained invaluable experience at this 1st EKC Championship. There was a tremendous team spirit amongst the squad and this contributed significantly to the superb performances and results achieved".
We would also like to thank those KUGB Officials who attended and all our supporters who came to Sheffield to cheer the team on.
A list of the KUGB medal winners is below.

Male Shotokan Kata 15-17

  1. Conner Wilson
  4. Ryan Spencer

Male Open Kata 15-17

  2. Bradley Williams

Male Shotokan Kata 18

  1. Hisham Saif
  2. Jack Somers

Female Shotokan Kata 15-17

  1. Kenita Hallmark

Female Open Kata 15-17

  2. Angela Randazzo

Female Shotokan Kata 18

  1. Cristina Finta

Male Kumite -60kgs 15-17

  1. Aiden McLean
  2. Joshua Penn

Male Kumite -65kgs 15-17

  1. Conner Wilson
  2. James Humphries
  3. Ross Billingham

Male Kumite -70kgs 15-17

  1. Jamie Allan

Male Kumite 70 kgs 15-17

  1. Brett Billingham
  3. Ryan Spencer

Male Kumite -75kgs 18-35

  1. Ryan Tucker

Female Kumite -55kgs 15-17

  3. Gemma Gibson

Female Kumite -60kgs 15-17

  3. Niamh Duddridge
  3. Renee Spence

Female Kumite -55kgs 18-35

  1. Cristina Finta

Female Kumite -65kgs 18-35

  1. Rhianne Blundell

Female Kumite 65 kgs 18-35

  1. Rebecca Rawcliffe
  3. Caroline McGrath

Male Ippon Kumite 18-35

  1. Ethan Armstrong

Female Ippon Kumite 18-35

  3. Nicole Donoghue

Male Junior Kumite -65kgs 18-20

  1. Sam Light
  2. Eric Austin-Coskry

Male Junior Kumite -75kgs 18-20

  1. Fraser Grice

Female Junior Kumite -60kgs 18-20

  3. Rebecca Morrison

Female Junior Kumite 60 kgs 18-20

  1. Beth Nicholson

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