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Spring Karate Course - 4th April 2005

21st Spring Karate Course, Kata Competition and Grading

4-8 April 2005

The 20th Spring Karate Course at Paignton was attended by approximately 150 students, almost half of whom were Dan grades.

The five day course followed its established format and covered all aspects of Kihon, Kata and Kumite. In addition there were Bo classes, an Instructor qualification class, lectures and a Kata competition.

Kata Competition

A Kata competition is held on the Thursday of the course. As usual with competitions, there were a few nervous looking faces, but those who entered were pleased to have done so, especially those for whom this was their first experience.

Well done to all who participated this year - the final results were as follows:

Dan Grades

1st Keith Robson
2nd Rose Kirk
3rd Jack Somers
4th Marc Caviel

Brown Belts

1st Adam Welsh
2nd Megan Dent
3rd Jennifer Smith
4th Mustanir Ali

Novice- 4th Kyu

1st Tom Nagle
2nd Kaori Oikawa
3rd Kevin Yates
4th Sarah Fitzpatrick

Dan Grading

This took place on the Friday morning and the Senseis were very pleased with the standard. Our congratulations to the following who were successful in passing their Dan Grading.


Michael Mustanir, Hollies
Ziggy Bennellick, Tsuta Hashi
Daisy Caunter, Brixham
Martyn Harper, Red Triangle
Oliver Mason, Guernsey
Daniel Noble, Tiverton
Eileen Robson, Total Fitness Lancaster
Lydia Williams, Brecon


Michael Caviel, Aberdare
Aimee Pearce, Tsuta Hashi
Max Pittler, Exeter

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports