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Black and Brown Belt Course, Deeside -30th April 2005

KUGB Dan Grade Passes

Deeside - 30 April 2005

Examiners: Sensei A Sherry, 8th Dan and Sensei R Rhodes 6th Dan

Our congratulations to the following on their achievement:

Shodan Passes:

David Adams, Guilden Sutton
Katharine Dowling, Aaisatsu
Amanda Evans, Halewood
Alexandra Farrell , Leeds Academy
Gregory Harrington, Ellesmere Port
James Hill, Leeds Academy
Naomi Roberts, Brecon
Paul Keogh, Salford Academy
Bridget Lee, Wrexham
Andrew Leigh, Sei Do Kan
Brian Lister, Leeds Academy
Andrew Lister, Leeds Academy
Ian Parkinson, Sei Do Kan
Wesley Parsons, Salford Academy
Jayne Price, Meir
Adam Welsh, Tamworth

Nidan Passes

David Caviell, Aberdare
David Goldthorpe, Guilden Sutton
Giles Hepplestone, Hutton
John Lane, Salford Academy

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports