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National Youth Championships - 22nd July 2005

National Youth Championships - 22nd July 2005

The Championship took place on 2 July 2005 at the Queens Park Sport Centre in Chesterfield and was attended by a record number of competitors, with a large increase on last year's entries. This is a trend which has been evident over the past couple of years and demonstrates the strength and enthusiasm of our membership.

The standard as usual was extremely high and credit must go to all competitors, not only to the winners.

Despite the record number of entries, the event finished on time thanks to the hard work of all the officials, who give their time and expertise freely.

The results were as follows:

Male Kumite 18 -20

1 Damion O'Donnell (Malvern)
2 Christopher Cray (Malvern)
3 Antony Duffy (Red Triangle)
3 Joe Hart (Leeds Karate Academy)
See main picture above.

Male Kumite 16 - 17

1 Jon Cook (Bargoed)
2 Matthew Labanciw (Aberdare)
3 Craig Reynolds (Croxteth)
3 Craig Browning Tiverton)

Male Kata

1 Antony Duffy (Red Triangle)
2 Liam Dermott (Plymouth Karate Academy)
3 Lee McLeod (Chelmsford)
4 Alan Hesketh (Red Triangle)

Female Kumite 16 - 20

1 Tara Cummings (Ashington)
2 Natalie Keal (Ashington)
3 Holly Sterling (Chelmsford)
3 Caroline McGrath (Ronin)

Female Kata

1 Holly Sterling (Chelmsford)
2 Samantha Plumb (Hoku Shin)
3 Zoe Starr (Leeds Karate Academy)
4 Lydia Williams (Brecon)

Boys Ippon Kumite

1 Michael Hopkins (St Johns)
2 Jun Yzuong Kim (Total Fitness)
3 Piers McLaren (Rochfords)
3 Aqeel Gumbs (Rochfords)

Boys Kumite 10 - 11

1 Alex Farrell (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Joe Finlay (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Matthew Bridge (Leeds Karate Academy
) 3 Michael Jeffrey (Chelmsford)

Boys Kumite Under 5'

1 Ross James (Merthyr Tydfil)
2 Marc Caviell (Aberdare)
3 Khalid Abdullah (Al - Ghazali)
3 Stephen Brown (Leeds Karate Academy)

Boys Kumite 5ft to 5' 5"

1 David Campbell (Halewood)
2 Liam Culley (Ashington)
3 Abdullah Amri (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Matthew Jarrett (Cullompton)

Boys Kumite Over 5' 5"

1 Elliot Reynolds (Chelmsford)
2 Ryan Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Jamie George (Cwmbach)
3 Michael Caviell (Aberdare)

Boys Kata (4th kyu and below)

1 Adam Burke (Red Triangle)
2 Ewan McDonald (Total Fitness)
3 Josh Cullingham (Shin Gi Tai)
4 Nathan Mahoney (Ystrad Mynach)

Boys Kata (Brown Belt)

1 Sharky Austin-Coskry (Chelmsford)
2 Eric Austin-Coskry (Chelmsford)
3 Arran Parmar (Leeds Karate Academy)
4 L Liddle (Gatehead)

Boys Kata (Black Belt)

1 Hisham Saif (Al-Ghazali)
2 Ryan Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Michael Gale (Leeds Karate Academy)
4 R Thompson (Ronin)

Girls Ippon Kumite

1 Megan Dent (Ashington)
2 Angharrad James (Kyoshin)
3 Jessica Armstrong (Houghton)
3 Raviina Vijayanandam (Rhyl & Prestatyn)

Girls Kumite Under 5' 3"

1 Abbi Chapman (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Helen Seale (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Chloe Dearnley (Leeds Karate Academy)
4 Sarah Fitzpatrick (Tekki)

Girls Kumite 5' 3" and over

1 Janine Collins (St Johns)
2 Jamie-Lea Jackson (Kirkby)
3 Melissa Finlay (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 L Johnston (Malvern)

Girls Kata (4th kyu and below)

1 Abbi Chapman (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 G Thompson (Shin Gi Tai)
3 S Fitzpatrick (Tekki)
4 Niamh O'Donoghue (Chelmsford)

Girls Kata (Brown Belt)

1 S Liddle (Gateshead)
2 Flora Davies (Tekki)
3 Alex Poole (Halewood)
4 L Smith (Denchi Kai)

Girls Kata (Black Belt)

1 Kate Mills (Kyoshin)
2 Tanya Hopper (Ashington)
3 Melissa Finlay (Leeds Karate Academy)
4 Maria Konovalova

Children's Team Kata

1 Ashington
2 Kirkby A
3 Leeds Karate Academy
4 Chelmsford A

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