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Karate Summer School - 7th August 2005

>Karate Summer School - 7th August 2005

Karate Summer School, Lancaster - 7/12 August 2005

Andy Sherry 8th Dan Terry O'Neill 7th Dan Bob Poynton 7th Dan
Bob Rhodes 7th Dan Billy Higgins 7th Dan Frank Brennan 6th Dan

The 25th Karate Summer School took place at its usual venue, the University of Lancaster. The course was started in 1981 by then current and former KUGB International Competitors and was a forum for passing on their knowledge.

The first course attracted just over 200 students and almost 200 were in attendance this year with an additional 150 having attended the Spring Course at Torbay.

The ages and grades varied widely, from 6 years upwards and from novice to 5th Dan. In fact, about half of those attending were Dan grades, with almost 60 Nidan and above.

The kids camp attendees with the instructors

Although the majority of students were KUGB, there were a good number of representatives from other countries and associations which the instructors were pleased to see.

In addition to two Karate training sessions each day, there were Bo classes, a lecture on Karate history and a 'Superstars' competition, with basketball shooting, goal shooting, sprints, Sumo and Tug-of-War. The Dan grades won overall - as they have every year - but were really pushed and did not win all of the events. A disco was held on the Tuesday to provide everyone with the opportunity to socialise.

The training halls were available for free practice most of the time when there were no organised classes and it was good to see so many taking advantage of this facility with many of the higher grades giving help and advice to their juniors.

Certificates were presented to all those who had attended the week's course and a special picture taken of the Instructors with Rob Welsh, 5th Dan, Ian Maclaren, 4th Dan and Ron Hicks, 4th Dan, who have all attended every Summer School bar one.

Seniors (from left to right) Ron Hicks, Rob Welsh and Ian MacLaren with the instructors

The course finished with a grading and we congratulate the following on their Dan passes:


Robert Anderton, Se-Do-Kan
Adam Chahboune, Howe Bridge
James Cleave, Broughton
Calum R Costello, Tsuyoi-Do
Charlotte D'Cruz, West Kirby
Alan D Fitzgerald, Se-Do-Kan
Stephen Grimes, Salford Academy
Charles Kerrigan, Salford Academy
Heather Leigh, Sei-Do-Kan
David Mack, Sei-Do-Kan
Jamie T McMullen, Rossendale
Leanne M Palmer, Hindley
Paul Shufflebotham, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Bernadette Teasdale, Myerscough
Dragoslav Vasic, St. Martin's
Jack Winstanley, Myerscough
Kirk Wiseman, Leyland


James Brennan, Hindley
Alexander R Hutton, Hutton
Rosemary Kirk, Aberystwyth

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