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Free Special Dan Course & Grading

Instructors: Sensei A Sherry, 9th Dan, Sensei R Poynton, 8th Dan, and Sensei F Brennan, 8th Dan


Sports Training Village
University of Bath
Claverton Down

01225 386 339


Training 11.00am - 1.00pm

Grading for Sandan and above - 2.00pm onwards


This free training course is for KUGB Dan grades only. The grading is for those taking Sandan and above.

All those training and grading must bring their current KUGB licence. Those grading must bring a completed official permission form, signed by their Instructor, and a recent passport-size photograph. Candidates should also present their Special Course Record Slip.

Forms etc must be presented at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the grading.

Gumshield and approved hand-mitts are compulsory for Kumite.

The grading fees are as follows:

        3rd Dan - £90 
        4th Dan - £100 
        5th Dan - £110 
        6th Dan - Free

Re-take (Kata or Kumite only):

        3rd Dan - £70 
        4th Dan - £75 
        5th Dan - £80 
        6th Dan - Free

Cheques & POs should be payable to KUGB.

The above fees include a KUGB Dan-grade certificate and registration for successful candidates. Cheques & POs should be payable to KUGB. Certificates will be sent by post.

Those taking 5th Dan and above must have provided a typed thesis of 1500-2000 words to the secretary of the Technical Committee at the KUGB Administration Office at least one month prior to the course. Those taking 6th Dan should also include a typed CV.

Those who fail a Dan-grading may re-take their grading at the next Special Dan Course.