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Shotokan Cup - 17th September 2005

Shotokan Cup - Saturday 17th September 2005

The 2005 KUGB Shotokan Cup

Black and Brown Belts from all over Britain took part in the KUGB's 30th Shotokan Cup on Saturday 17 September at Chesterfield.

It was good to see not only a great number of very experienced and seasoned competitors but a large number who were competing for the first time.

The standard was exceptional and was a tribute to the very skilled and experienced instructors and the enthusiastic and committed competitors. Our congratulations to all who competed and to the following medal winners:

Shotokan Cup 2005 Results

Male Senior Kumite

1 N Heald (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 R Bertie (Rochfords)
3 D O'Connor (Halewood)
3 R Normile (Picton)

Male Junior Kumite 16 -17

1 M Labanciw (Aberdare)
2 D Wright (Ashington)
3 D Williamson (Picton)
3 C Reynolds (Croxteth)

Male Junior Kumite 18 - 20

1 L McLeod (Chelmsford)
2 D Stitson (Hoku Shin)
3 B Rawlinson (Haverhill)
3 D Weir (Sei Do Kan)

Male Kata

1 S Gordon (Salford Academy)
2 M Price (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 L Lamb (Tadashii -Do)
4 J J Bruce (Ashington)

Male Junior Kata

1 D Wright (Ashington)
2 A Hesketh (Red Triangle)
3 L McLeod (Chelmsford)
4 D Williamson (Picton)

Female Kumite

1 V Mulhearn (Halewood)
2 T Cummings (Ashington)
3 K Hodkinson (Chelmsford)
3 G Heald (Leeds Karate Academy)

Female Kata

1 H Sterling (Chelmsford)
2 T Cummings (Ashington)
3 K Perry (Ronin)
4 J Petts (Aberdare)

Boys Kumite 10 - 11

1 J Cleaver (Merthyr Tydfil)
2 R Williams (Merthyr Tydfil)
3 S Bersantie (St Johns)
3 P James (St Johns)

Boys Kumite Under 5'

1 H Saif (Al Ghazali)
2 K Abdullah (Al Ghazali)
3 J Armitage (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 C Smith (Merthyr Tydfil)

Boys Kumite 5ft to 5' 5"

1 J Baker (Ronin)
2 A Amri (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 N Smith (Ashington)
3 D Petrie (Bergoed)

Boys Kumite 5' 5" and Over

1 R Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 C Davidson (Kirkby)
3 K Stroud (Bargoed)
3 E Reynolds (Chelmsford)

Girls Kumite Under 5' 3"

1 M Konovolova (Ashington)
2 N Stockham (Brecon)
3 L Smith (Denchi-Kai)
3 K Raggett (Kyoshin)

Girls Kumite 5' 3" and over

1 J Collins (St Johns)
2 M Finlay (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 S Sadiq (Halewood)
4 L Johnston (Malvern)

Boys Kata

1 H Saif (Al Ghazali)
2 R Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 E Reynolds (Chelmsford)
4 J Baker (Ronin)

Girls Kata

1 J Collins (St Johns)
2 T Hopper (Ashington)
3 K Raggett (Kyoshin)
4 M Konovolova (Ashington)

Winners of the Special Shotokan Cups for 2005:
Kumite: Nick Heald Leeds Academy
Kata: Stuart Gordon Manchester University

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