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WSKA World Championships - 1st October 2005

WSKA World Championships - Saturday 1st October 2005

2005 World Shotokan Karate Association Championships

The KUGB England squad achieved two first places at the recent World Shotokan Karate Association Championships.

The Championships took place at Harper College Sports Stadium in Chicago over the weekend of 1/2 October.

Shareena Edmonds took gold in the Senior Female Kumite in front of a sell-out crowd that created a tremendous atmosphere. In the final, Shareena initially was down by three wazari, but fought back heroically to win the match by by two Ippon.

The Junior Male Team of Chris Cray, Antony Duffy and Damien O'Donnell won their event decisively, beating Hungary 3-0 in the finals. They had a terrifically exciting semi-final match with the USA, who they beat 2-1, despite the ear-splitting roar of the home crowd in support of their team.

The Senior Female team of Zoe Campbell, Shareena Edmonds and Kelly Perry achieved silver after being beaten 2-1 by the strong Polish Team.

Antony Duffy took bronze in the Junior Male Kata, improving his performance on previous Internationals, whilst the Senior Men's team took bronze in their Kata event with a powerful performance of of Kanku Sho.

Both England and Wales Senior Kumite Teams performed credibly, being narrowly defeated in the quarter finals.

The English and Welsh squad members

Frank Brennan performed an exciting demonstration of defence against knife and bo with members of the English Squad. This received with a tumultuous applause from the audience.

Frank Brennan throws Chris Cray during the demonstration

We would like to thank the Americans for their outstanding hospitality and in particular John DiPasquale for allowing us to use his impressive Headquarters Dojo for training.

The England squad with John DiPasquale in his dojo in Chicago


Cadet Men Individual Kata:

1st Place Thomas Kaserer, Austria
2nd Place Christoph Haller, Austria
3rd Place Mike Calistro, United States
4th Place Dale Weber, United States

Junior Ladies Individual Kata:

1st Place Yasemin Guengoer, Austria
2nd Place Carlotta Prete, Italy
3rd Place Franziska Krieg, Germany
4th Place Elisa Orsi, Italy

Junior Mens Individual Kata:

1st Place Martin Ramirez, Spain
2nd Place Thomas Kaserer, Austria
3rd Place Tomasz Drozdzynski, Poland
4th Place Antony Duffy, England

Antony Duffy on his way to the kata finals

Cadet Mens Individual Kumite:

1st Place Michael Roop, USA
2nd Place Thomas Kaserer, Austria
3rd Place Christoph Haller, Austria
4th Place Thomas Gorney, USA

Junior Ladies Individual Kumite:

1st Place Ashley DiPasquale, USA
2nd Place Alice Pischedda, Italy
3rd Place Valeria Marelli, Italy
4th Place Ivana Bogojevic, Sweden

Junior Mens Individual Kumite:

1st Place Nika-Wolk Tsurtsumia, Germany
2nd Place Florin Neissl, Austria
3rd Place Radovan Simic, Switzerland
4th Place Nicholas Masse, USA

Senior Ladies Individual Kata:

1st Place Doris Gwinner, Austria
2nd Place Agnieszka Wolna, Poland
3rd Place Vasemin Guengoer, Austria
4th Place Sabine Schneider, Germany

Senior Mens Individual Kata:

1st Place Fabrizio Curcuraci, Italy
2nd Place Fabio Cattaneo, Italy
3rd Place Peter Schvarcz, Hungary
4th Place Wojciech Bloch, Poland

Junior Mens Team Kumite:

1st Place England
2nd Place Austria

Gold for England Juniors, Antony Duffy, Chris Cray and Damien O'Donnell

England squad with triumphant juniors

Senior Ladies Individual Kumite:

1st Place Shareena Edmonds, England
2nd Place Krisztina Zsigmond, Hungary
3rd Place Orsolya Varga, Hungary
4th Place Lindsey Painchaud, USA

Individual gold for Shareena Edmonds

Shareena is delighted with her achievement

Senior Mens Team Kata:

1st Place Italy
2nd Place Austria
3td Place Poland
4th Place England

England Men's Senior Team Kata performing Kanku Sho

Bronze medals for Senior England Team Kata

Senior Ladies Team Kumite:

1st Place Poland
2nd Place England
3rd Place Hungary
3rd Place USA

Silver medallists, Shareena Edmonds, Zoe Campbell and Kelly Perry

Senior Mens Individual Kumite:

1st Place Shane Dorfman, South Africa
2nd Place Christian Gruener, Germany
3rd Place Daniel Ruegg, Switzerland

Senior Ladies Team Kata:

1st Place Austria
2nd Place Poland
3rd Place Italy
4th Place Belarus

Senior Mens Team Kumite:

1st Place USA
2nd Place Poland
3rd Place Sweden
4th Place Germany

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