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National Students Championships 2005


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National Students Championships 2005 - 19th November

Our congratulations to all who competed and to the following medal winners:

Male Team Kumite

1 LSE 'B'
2 Rochfords
3 Cambridge 'A'
3 LSE 'A'

Male Black Belt Kumite

1 R Bertie, LSE
2 J Baker, Ronin
3 R Tucker, Leeds Academy
3 R Hlobo, LSE

Male Brown Belt Kumite

1 S Mir, LSE
2 Y Abasov, LSE
3 J Wood, Chelmsford
3 G Williams, Egham

Male Kumite 7-4th Kyu

1 A Walker, Staffs Uni
2 W Burnell, Durham
3 D Mitchell, Aberystwyth
3 L Yao, Manchester Uni

Male Team Kata

1 Cambridge
3 Aberystwyth
4 Tamworth

Male Black Belt Kata

1 R Bertie, Rochfords
2 D Ghazi, LSE
3 J Baker, Ronin
4 R Tucker, Leeds Academy

Male Kyu Grade Kata

1 W Wong, Leeds Academy
2 P Smith, Cambridge
3 G Richardson, Aberystwyth
4 N Rich, Bargoed

Female Team Kumite

1 Leeds Academy
2 Chelmsford
3 Cambridge

Female Black Belt Kumite

1 E Fanning, Egham/Red Lion
2 Z Starr, Leeds Academy
3 A Scott, Leeds Academy
3 E Barker, Tadashiido

Female Brown Belt Kumite

1 H Byrne, Aberystwyth
2 A Grimaud, LSE
3 K Sunner, Leeds Academy
3 M Jones, Liverpool

Female Kumite 7-4th Kyu

1 R Ravikumar, LSE
2 L James, Aberystwyth
3 M Ikenoya, Aberystwyth
3 I Marketerych, LSE

Female Team Kata

1 Cambridge
2 Chelmsford
3 Aberystwyth 'B'
4 Aberystwyth 'A'

Female Black Belt Kata

1 H Sterling, Chelmsford
2 S Plumb, Chelmsford
3 Z Starr, Leeds Academy
4 V Roberts-Burt, Kyoshin

Female Kyu Grade Kata

1 S Tan Cambridge
2 R Rose, Chelmsford
3 A Grimaud, LSE
4 R Baulkumer, LSE

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Historic KUGB Reports