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Northern Region Course - Sunday 5th March 2006

Northern Region Course 2006

The KUGB Northern Region held a sponsored All Grades Course combined with the Regional Annual General Meeting at Crowtree Leisure Centre on Sunday 5th March 2006. The Course showcased the teaching talent of two of the Region's finest teachers, Sensei Frank Brennan 6th Dan and Sensei Matt Price 5th Dan, and grades from 7th Kyu upwards were able to attend. Nearly 100 regional members attended the course.

Teaching was excellent, with each teacher taking their section of the class for specific basics. In Sensei Brennan's case this involved Keri (kicking) combinations, and he showed methods of getting the correct line-up for each kick, and also the timing for the different kick combinations. After an hour, both teachers moved on to Kata and Kumite. Sensei Brennan taught a very detailed and precise 'Unsu' to the senior class, and Sensei Price then demonstrated and taught different methods of distance and timing techniques for competition Kumite.

The whole course was immensely enjoyable, with a great deal of knowledge imparted to every grade, and again demonstrated the high quality of training available to KUGB members.

Special thanks should go to Jill Kelly and John James Bruce for their excellent co-ordination and administration of the day's events.

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Historic KUGB Reports