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National Championships 2006 - 21st May

National Championships 2006

The KUGB held its 40th National Championships at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena on 21 May.

This year saw an increase to over 750 competitors with twelve areas of elimination events continuously in action throughout the day.

Andy Sherry, the KUGB Chairman and Chief Instructor, received a special award of an antique bronze tiger for his 40 years of dedication to the organisation. It was particularly pleasing to see his club, the Liverpool Red Triangle, which he captained to victory at the very first KUGB Championships at Alexandra Palace in London in 1967, take first place in the men's team kumite; in all, the Red Triangle has won this title on twenty one occasions.

Sensei Naylor presents Sensei Sherry with antique bronze tiger

Mrs Enoeda was present as guest of honour and received a very warm welcome as always from the audience.

Mrs Enoeda presented with a bouquet by Holly Sterling

The KUGB each year presents 20 year certificates to its long-standing members, but this year certificates were also presented to mark 30 and 40 years service. In total there are now 146 members who have been with the KUGB for over 20 years, 105 for over 30 years and 10 members for 40 years.

To commemorate this special occasion the American Team coached by John Di Pasquale was invited over for a friendly international match, the KUGB winning by seven matches to four. Many thanks are extended to John and his squad.

Presentation to American Coach John Di Pasquale

The American Team :
Alex Ndem
Dominic Noia
Bradley Carrera
David Rodriquez
Kristin Monger
Lindsey Painchaude
Ashley Di Pasquale
coach John Di Pasquale:

The British Team
Chris Cray
Vicky Philips
Antony Duffy
Tara Cummins
John Bruce
Kelly Perry
Matt Price

Spectacular demonstrations were performed by Frank Brennan defending against knife and pole, Holly Sterling with applications from Kata and the children from Chelmsford SKC led by Jack Sommers with defence against multiple attacks.

Matthew Price received the Wilkinson Sword Trophy as the most outstanding competitor, having taken first place in the Kumite and second in the Kata, whilst Stuart Gordon took first place in the Kata and was awarded the Tony Francis Memorial Trophy as the most gifted and spirited competitor. The event ran extremely smoothly and results are shown below.

Male Team Kumite

Antony Pendlebury scores Ippon in Male Team Kumite Final

1 Liverpool Red Triangle
2 Malvern
3 Rochfords
3 Leeds Karate Academy

Individual Kumite Winner Matthew Price scores Ippon to the back of Richard Bertie

Matthew Price is congratulated by Sensei Sherry

Male Senior Kumite

1 Matthew Price (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Richard Bertie (Rochfords)
3 Alyn Weyman (Bargoed)
3 John James Bruce (Ashington)

Frank Brennan defends with Mawashi Geri against Antony Duffy

Frank Brennan's demonstration:

Frank Brennan sweeps John Bruce

Frank Brennan defends against knife attack from Christopher Cray

Individual Kata Winner Stuart Gordon performs Gankaku

Male Kata

1 Stuart Gordon (University of Manchester)
2 Matthew Price (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Paul James (Aberystwyth)
4 John James Bruce (Ashington)

Female Team Kumite

1 Halewood
2 Ronin
3 Leeds Karate Academy
3 Tekki

Vicky Phillips clashes in Ladies Kumite

Female Kumite

1 Vicky Phillips (University of Manchester)
2 Tara Cummings (Ashington)
3 Vicky Mulhearn (Halewood)
3 Ashley Scott (Leeds Karate Academy)

Holly Sterling Kata Demonstration

Holly Sterling demonstrates Bunkai from Unsu

Individual Kata Winner Vicky Phillips performs Unsu

Female Kata

1 Vicky Phillips (University of Manchester)
2 Holly Sterling (Chelmsford)
3 Kelly Perry (Ronin)
4 Tara Cummings (Ashington)

Team Kata Winners Manchester University perform Unsu

Adult Team Kata

1 Manchester University
2 Ashington
3 Tadashii - Do
4 Chelmsford A

Male Junior Kumite 18 - 20

1 Donatas Jurkevicius (Cambridge University)
2 Chris Cray (Malvern)
3 James Campbell (Halewood)
3 Jonathan Cook (Bargoed)

Male Junior Kumite 16 -17

1 Chris Bell (Malvern)
2 Jonathan McGorian (Halewood)
3 Craig Reynolds (Croxteth)
3 Ryan Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)

Boys Kumite Over 5' 5"

1 Joseph Rawcliffe (Kirkby)
2 Elliott Reynolds (Chelmsford)
3 Tom Rowley (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Alex Labanciew (Aberdare)

Boys Kumite 5ft to 5' 5"

1 Tom Little (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Ryan Hamilton (Largs)
3 Ryan Powell (Bargoed)
3 Andrew Grewcock (Ronin)

Boys Kumite Under 5'

1 Jordon Probst (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Adam Sutherland (Kilbirnie)
3 Hisham Saif (Al - Ghazali)
3 Khalid Abdullah (Al - Ghazali)

Boys Kumite 10 - 11

1 Michael Gale (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Piers McLaren (Rochfords)
3 Michael Hopkins (St Johns)
3 Graham Williams (Kirkby)

Children's Demonstration

Children's Demo Team from Chelmsford
Michael Jeffery
Eric Austin-Coskry
Jack Somers
Callum Charleston
Sharkey Austin-Coskry

Jack Somers Defends in the Children's Demonstration

Children's team kata winners performing Jion

Children's Team Kata

1 Dunfermline
2 Chelmsford A
3 Chelmsford B
4 Tsutahashi

Girls Kumite 5' 3" and over

1 Laura Johnston (Malvern)
2 Mel Finlay (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Yasmin Geddis (Zanshin N I)
3 Nikki Stockham (Brecon)

Girls Kumite Under 5' 3"

1 Kelly Raggett (Kyoshin)
2 Victoria Walker (St Helens)
3 Maria Konovalova (Ashington)
3 Lauren Brand (Houghton)

Hisham Saif performing Ni Ju Shiho in Children's Kata

Children's Kata (3rd kyu and above)

1 Hisham Saif (Al Ghazali)
2 Ryan Hamilton (Largs)
3 Kelly Raggett (Kyoshin)
4 Grace Thompson (Shin Gi Tai)

Children's Ippon Kumite

1 Ryan Mike, Kaizen
2 Genevieve Perrins (Houghton)
3 Bethany Nicholson (Denchi Kai)
3 Kack Warburton Pugh (Makenki)

Children's Kata (4th kyu and below)

1 Josh Cullingham (Shin Gi Tai)
2 Hannah Johnston (Tadashii - Do)
3 Thomas Grant (Rossendale)
4 Rebecca Maher (Crewe)

Tony Francis Memorial Trophy for the most gifted and spirited competitor

Stuart Gordan (Manchester University)

Wilkinson Sword for the most outstanding competitor

Matthew Price (Leeds Karate Academy)

Presentation to Ladies Grand Champion Vicky Phillips by Sensei Poynton

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