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ESKA Championships, Matosinhos 24-26 November 2017


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ESKA Championships, Matosinhos 2017 - 24th November to 26th November


The KUGB’s England Squad achieved another tremendous success at this year’s ESKA European Championships in Porto, Portugal, taking a total of five Golds including the very prestigious Senior Male Team Kumite and Senior Female Team Kumite events'

Karateka from all over Europe arrived in Portugal for the 32nd ESKA European Championships on the weekend of 24-26 November. With over 700 entries from 20 countries, the Tournament ran over three days and lived up to expectations with some superb world class performances of Kata and Kumite.

The KUGB was strongly represented at the Championships with teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The KUGB England Team were outstanding and took a total of 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals. KUGB Scotland and KUGB Wales added to the medal tally with 2 Bronze medals.

In the Senior Male Team Kumite, KUGB England's Joe Rawcliffe, Ryan, Tucker, Greg Hegarty, Cameron Graham, Jon McGorian and Ethan Armstrong fought tremendously well all day in a number of fiercely contested matches and, in the final, their performance was outstanding against a very strong Belgian team to win Gold and retain the title.

senior men team kumite

Gold for KUGB England in Senior Men's Team Kumite

(l-r : Jonathan McGorian, Joseph Rawcliffe, Greg Hegarty, Cameron Graham, Ethan Armstrong, Ryan Tucker)

The same spirited attitude was demonstrated in the Senior Ladies Team Kumite event. KUGB England's Rhianne Rawcliffe, Rebecca Rawcliffe, Caroline McGrath and Victoria Ogunseitan were in excellent form to reach the final against a very strong Swedish team. In a closely fought match their attitude was exceptional gaining a well deserved win to retain their European title.

senior female team kumite

Gold for KUGB England in Senior Ladies Team Kumite

(l-r : Sensei Frank Brennan, Caroline McGrath, Rebecca Rawcliffe, Rhianne Rawcliffe, Victoria Ogunseitan, Sensei Andy Sherry)

Joseph Rawcliffe and Ryan Tucker were both in terrific form during the eliminations to reach the Semi-final in a very competitive Senior Men's Individual Kumite event. The draw resulted in Joe and Ryan having to face each other in the Semi-finals and it was Joe who came out the victor. Joe went onto take Silver after an exciting and spirited fight with Popov Vsevolod from Russia which unfortunately ended in a disqualification for Joe.

senior men ind kumite

Silver and Bronze for KUGB England in Senior Men's Individual Kumite

(l-r : Joseph Rawcliffe, Vsevolod Popov - Russia, Vitor Veiga - Portugal, Ryan Tucker)

In the Senior Ladies Individual Kumite, Rebecca Rawcliffe, Caroline McGrath and Rhianne Rawcliffe all fought tremendously well throughout the day to reach the Semi-finals. In the finals though it was sisters-in-law, Rhianne and Rebecca against each other with Rhianne taking the title in a fiercely fought match.

senior ladies ind kumite

Gold, Silver and Bronze for KUGB England in Senior Ladies Individual Kumite

The KUGB's England Cadet Male Kumite Team consisting of Jamie Allan, Callum Wilson, Matthew Gibson and Jade Stapleton-Smith beat the vociferously supported home team of Portugal in a thrilling final to win the title.

cadet team kumite

Gold for KUGB England in Cadet Men's Team Kumite

(l-r : Matthew Gibson, Jade Stapleton-Smith, Callum Wilson, Jamie Allan)

KUGB England’s Abdul Saif took Gold in the Cadet Male Individual Kata event with a superb performance of Gojushiho Sho.

cadet men kata

Gold for KUGB England in Cadet Men's Kata

(l-r : Sensei Frank Brennan, Abdul Saif, Sensei Andy Sherry)

KUGB England took second place in the Senior Men’s Kata Team. The team consisting of Stuart Amos, Jack Somers and Connor Wilson performed a very impressive Gojushiho Sho, just missing out on Gold by 0.2 of a point.

senior men team kata

Silver for KUGB England in Senior Men's Team Kata

(l-r : Stuart Amos, Connor Wilson, Jack Somers)

In the Junior Men's Team Kumite, Ethan Armstrong, Ryan Spencer, Aidan McLean and Bradley Williams battled their way to the final to meet a very strong Russian Team to take Silver in an exciting contest.

junior mens team

Silver for KUGB England in Junior Men's Team Kumite

(l-r : Bradley Williams, Aidan McLean, Ryan Spencer, Ethan Armstrong)

Ethan Armstrong was also in superb form in the Junior Male Individual Kumite to take silver after being disqualified against Russia's Evgenii Molchanov in the final.

junior men kumite

Silver for KUGB England in Junior Men's Individual Kumite

(Ethan Armstrong)

In the Junior Male Team Kata event, KUGB England’s Abdul Saif, Ilyas Hamid and Matthew Gibson performed very well throughout the day to take Bronze with a fine performance of Goju Shiho Sho.

KUGB England’s Katherine Cheshire, Thea Priest and Libby Bayley took the Bronze medal in the Cadet Ladies Team Kumite event with KUGB Scotland’s Kyra Bell performing very well all day to take Bronze in the Cadet Ladies Individual Kumite.

cadet ladies team

Bronze for KUGB England in Cadet Ladies Team Kumite

(l-r : Katherine Cheshire, Thea Priest, Libby Bayley)

kyra bell cadet female kumite

Bronze for KUGB Scotland in Cadet Ladies Kumite

(Kyra Bell)

In the Youth Male Individual Kumite, KUGB England’s Luciano Zanuni won silver after an exciting match with Russia’s Denis Bobrov.

youth men ind kumite luciano zanuni

Silver for KUGB England in Youth Male Individual Kumite

(Luciano Zanuni)

KUGB Wales’ Tomas Moya took Bronze in the Youth Male Individual Kata event on his first international outing with a fine performance of Kanku Dai.
Following on from their great success in the last year’s European Championships in Greece the KUGB’s England Squad have gone on to massive successes in both of this year’s WSKA World Championships and ESKA European Championships. A tremendous performance from everyone involved - many congratulations to you all.

tomas moya youth men ind kata

Bronze for KUGB Wales in Youth Male Individual Kata

(Tomas Moya)

The KUGB would like to thank all the families and supporters who travelled to the ESKA Championships in Portugal for their enthusiastic support which tremendously inspired our competitors throughout the tournament and thank you to everyone who sent messages of support on social media.



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