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2018 Shotokan Cup

Shotokan Cup Winners copy

For KUGB members, the Shotokan Cup signals the start of a very busy schedule with competitions, Dan gradings and International tournaments looming.

The Shotokan Cup itself is the KUGB's National Individual Championship and takes place at the Queens Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield. It is open only to Black and Brown Belts from all parts of the UK and Ireland and over its 43 year history this competition has seen many of our most famous competitors take part.  This year it included many of the competitors who are hoping to be selected to represent their country at the ESKA European Championships in Nis, Serbia, in November.

The eighteen events were split into twelve Kumite categories and six for Kata and with so much talent on display, it presented the opportunity to enhance the reputations of the more seasoned competitors whilst highlighting future potential champions coming through the ranks. The enthusiastic audience were not disappointed.

As well as the trophies for each category, two solid silver 'Shotokan Cups' are presented for the most outstanding competitors in Kata and Kumite. This year Sensei Sherry presented these to Stuart Amos for Kata for the first time and for the fifth consecutive the Kumite Cup was presented to Joe Rawcliffe.

Congratulations to all of the competitors whose high standards and fighting spirit is an inspiration to us all and a big thank you to all those spectators who came to cheer them on. Sensei Sherry was particularly pleased with the strong, spirited attitude and high technical standard of Karate from everyone who competed and thanked all the Referees and Judges, Timekeepers and Recorders, the Medical Staff, Dudley Wheatcroft and members of the Satori Shotokan Karate Club and the Manager and Staff at the Queens Park Leisure Centre for their great help in organising this event.

The full results are as follows and videos will soon be on our YouTube Channel

Shotokan Cup for Kumite copy

The Shotokan Cup for Kumite was presented to Joe Rawcliffe

Shotokan Cup for Kata copy

The Shotokan Cup for Kata was presented to Stuart Amos.

Senior Male Kumite copy

Male Senior Individual Kumite
1. Joe Rawcliffe - Halewood
2. Ryan Tucker - Leeds Shotokan
3. Jon McGorian - Halewood
3. Ethan Armstrong - Leeds Shotokan

Senior Female Kumite copy

Female Senior Individual Kumite
1. Rhianne Rawcliffe - Halewood
2. Rebecca Rawcliffe - Halewood
3. Caroline McGrath - Ronin
3. Charlotte Lindsley - Shotokan Karate Academy

Senior Male Kata copy

Male Senior Individual Kata
1. Stuart Amos - Red Triangle
2. Joe Rawcliffe - Halewood
3. Marcus Ingham - Cambridge University
4. Richard Black - Regashi Karate Academy

Senior Female Kata copy

Female Senior Individual Kata
1. Cristina Finta - Shotokan Karate Academy
2. Charlotte Lindsley - Shotokan Karate Academy
3. Sam Stuart - Malvern
4. Emma Lloyd - Solihull Karate Academy

Junior Male 18 20 copy

Male Junior Individual Kumite 18-20
1. Kyle Watkin - Bargoed
2. Connor Wilson - St Johns
3. Tushan Joseph - Leeds Shotokan
3. Bradley Williams - Woolton/Garston

Junior Male 16 17 copy

Male Junior Individual Kumite 16-17
1. Luciano Zanuni - Leeds Shotokan
2. Niall Gilligan - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Sam Holbrook - Malvern
3. Patrick O'Neill - Aigburth

Junior Female Kumite copy

Female Junior Individual Kumite
1. Katherine Cheshire - Halewood
2. Thea Priest - Somerset Ryu
3. Eliana Rooks - Sendai Kushiro
3. Amy Bunnett - Malvern

Junior Male Kata copy

Male Junior Individual Kata
1. Matthew Gibson - Sendai Kushiro
2. Connor Wilson - St Johns
3. Bradley Williams - Woolton/Garston
4. Callum Wilson - St Johns

Junior Female Kata copy

Female Junior Individual Kata
1. Jess Palmer - Tekki RS
2. Thea Priest - Somerset Ryu
3. Bethany Miller - Sendai Kushiro
4. Penny Sinclair - Porthcawl

Z Over 55 Kumite copy

Boy's Kumite 5'5" and Over

1. Marcus Barker - Kirkby
2. Bradley Barker - Kirby
3. Bryan Nichol - Merthyr Tydfil
3. Bradley O'Shaughnessy - Malvern

ZG Over 53 copy 

Girl's Kumite 5'3" and over
1. Rebecca Adie - Sendai Kushiro
2. Mia Hillsden - Chelmsford
3. Lois Shaw - Kirkby 
3. Christina Fortuna - Rising Sun Academy

Z 5 55 copy

Boy's Kumite 5' to Under 5'5"
1. Jake Chin - Red Triangle
2. Lewis Robinson-Burns - Red Triangle
3. Tommy Mee - Kirkby
3. Sonny Groves - Malvern

ZUnder 53 copy

Girl's Kumite Under 5'3"
1. Miranda Moualeu - Leeds
2. Libby Vernon - Leeds
3. Bethany Nelson - Tekki RS
3. Molly Scully - Malvern

ZUnder 5 Kumite copy

Boy's Under 5'
1. Alex Lockett - Chelmsford
2. Thomas Heggarty - Solihull Karate Academy
3. Joshua Temple - Leeds
3. Josh Gibbons - Kirkby

Z Girls kata copy

Girls Kata
1. Mia Hillsden - Chelmsford
2. Bethany Nelson - Tekki RS
3. Maryam Lutfi - Kyoshin
4. Megan Fox - Sendai Kushiro

ZB Kata copy

Boys Kata
1. Jake Chin - Red Triangle
2. Alex Lockett - Chelmsford
3. Max King-Lough - Sendai Kushiro
4. Denny Shy - Ashington NKA

Z10 11 Kumite copy

Boy's Kumite 10-11
1. Thomas Jago - Okami
2. Carlos Alvarez-Odell - York Elite
3. Jonathan Luke - Sendai Kushiro
3. Reece Keetley Costello - St Johns

Z10 11 copy

Girl's Kumite 10-11
1. Skye Taylor - Stock 
2. Rojin Rafie - Sendai Kushiro
3. Ruby Evans - Merthyr Tydfil
3. Maryam Lutfi - Kyoshin

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