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53rd KUGB National Championship, 11 May 2019

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The KUGB National Championships is the most important home Championships in the KUGB’s Calendar and this year we were, once again, at the Morningside Arena in Leicester.

Competitors came from far and wide to pit themselves against the best in the KUGB, including Internationals from the KUGB National Squads, World and European Champions and also amongst those competing, were some taking part for the first time.

The eliminations started promptly at 10am and right from the start it was obvious that the standard was going to be extremely high.  Every match was fiercely contested as competitors aspired to reach the finals and this helped raise the excitement for the many enthusiastic spectators and coaches.

Once the eliminations were complete, there was a short break which allowed not only the finalists to recharge their batteries, but also the Referees and Judges to get a respite from their very demanding schedule.

The finals started with the National Anthem followed by an introduction of Sensei Andy Sherry, the KUGB's Chief Instructor and Chairman, and Senior Instructors of the KUGB: Sensei Bob Poynton, Sensei Bob Rhodes, Sensei Billy Higgins, Sensei Jimmy Brennan, Sensei Frank Brennan and Sensei Garry Harford.

Sensei Sherry then took time to meet and individually present certificates to those long-standing members who had reached the following milestones in their KUGB Karate careers. The total number of LSM's currently training with the KUGB is over 350 and these have amassed between them well over 10,000 years of training.

N1 copy

50 Years

Mike O'Connor

Bob Rhodes

John Thompson


40 Years

Sean Greenslade – Exeter

Martin Humphries – Merthyr Tydfil

John Ledger – Cramlington

John Penman – Exeter

Craig Raye – Marshall Street


30 Years

Michael Davison

David Moore – Regashi Academy

James Turner – Cheslyn Hay

Adam Welsh – Tamworth

James Brennan - Hindley


20 Years

Craig Mienes – North Shields

Peter Milne - Somerset Ryu

Joseph Rawcliffe – Halewood

Deborah Robertson – Canterbury Christ Church

AAA A Sherry 2 copy copy 2

A presentation was made to Sensei Andy Sherry by Sensei Frank Brennan to acknowledge his outstanding and unique achievement marking his 60 years of dedication and training in Karate


To celebrate their outstanding achievements at the 2018 World (WSKA) and European (ESKA) Championships, the Squads of England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland were presented to the crowd by Phillip Gandy. 

Bernardo mercado

Finally, there was a special presentation from Sensei Bernardo Mercado, 7th Dan, Chief Instructor of the Fremont Shotokan Karate in California.  Sensei Mercado presented Sensei Sherry and each of the KUGB Senior Instructors with a framed, hand drawn portrait of each Instructor.

The finals began with the Children's Individual Kata and Kumite events with each final showing the growing talent and potential from our young members.

During the finals KUGB England Squad members Stuart Amos and Jack Somers performed an excellent display of self-defence

All of the finals saw outstanding performances showing the depth and strength of the KUGB. 

In the Senior Male Kumite event Joe Rawcliffe from Halewood won the gold after an exciting final with team-mate James McGorian and in the Female Kumite event, Caroline McGrath from Leeds beat Lottie Lindsley from Yudansha.

In the Senior Kata events, both of last year’s Champions were re-crowned with Jack Somers from Senshuken winning the Male event and Cristina Finta from Shotokan Karate Academy winning the Female event.

Leeds were crowned Male Team Kumite Champions after a great match with Cambridge University Old Boys and Halewood once again won the Female Team Kumite beating Chelmsford in the finals.

A fantastic achievement from everyone who competed.

The KUGB has three perpetual memorial trophies presented at the National Championships. These trophies are in memory of three Senseis that helped form and build the KUGB into the largest single style Karate organization in the UK. This year they were presented as follows:


KE Trophy copy

The Sensei Enoeda Trophy for most outstanding competitor over 21 years was presented once again to Joe Rawcliffe of Halewood.


DL Trophy copy

The Sensei Derek Langham Trophy for most outstanding competitor 16-20 years was presented to Katherine Cheshire from Halewood.


CN Trophy copy

The Sensei Charles Naylor Trophy for most outstanding competitor under 16 years was presented to Jake Chin from The Red Triangle.

Sensei Sherry was delighted that the National Championship was such a huge success and was particularly pleased with the strong, spirited attitude and high technical standard of Karate from everyone who competed. He would like to congratulate all of the competitors and also thank the spectators, officials, volunteers, sponsors, medical teams and the staff of the Morningside Arena who, together, make this Championship such a prestigious and exciting event.

Results :


Senior Male Team copy

Male Senior Team Kumite

1.Leeds Shotokan
2.Cambridge University Old Boys

Senior Men Kumite copy

Senior Male Individual Kumite

1.Joe Rawcliffe - Halewood
2.James Mcgorian - Halewood
3.Ryan Tucker - Leeds
3.Ethan Armstrong - Leeds

 Senior Mens Kata copy

Male Senior Individual Kata

1.Jack Somers - Senshuken
2.Stuart Amos - Red Triangle
3.Alex Cockx - Hale
4.David Williams - Largs

Senior Female Team copy

Senior Female Team Kumite

3.Somerset Ryu

Senior Female Kumite copy

Senior Female Individual Kumite

1.Caroline Mcgrath - Leeds
2.Lottie Lindsley - Yudansha
3.Rhianne Rawcliffe - Halewood
3.Yasmin Geddis - Zanshin N.I

Female Individual Kata copy

Senior Female Individual Kata

1.Cristina Finta - Shotokan Karate Academy
2.Thea Priest - Somerset Ryu
3.Rachel Edwards - Porthcawl
4.Jess Palmer - Tekki RS

Junior Men 18 20 copy

Junior Male Kumite 18-20

1.Callum Wilson - St Johns
2.Aidan Mclean - Malvern
3.Eric Owusu - Shotokan Karate Academy
3.Jamie Allan - Sendai Kushiro

junior ladies copy

Junior Female Kumite 16-20

1.Katherine Cheshire - Halewood
2.Penny Sinclair - Porthcawl
3.Thea Priest – Somerset Ryu
3.Emma Wright - Red Triangle

Junior Kumite 16 17 copy

Junior Male Kumite 16-17

1.Luciano Zanuni - Leeds
2.Jade Stapleton-Smith - Leeds
3. Owen Stow - Malvern
3. Niall Gilligan - Solihull Karate Academy

 TeamKata copy

Adult Team Kata

2.Somerset Ryu
4.Sendai Kushiro

Kids Team Kata copy 

Children’s Team Kata

1. Somerset Ryu
2. Sendai Kushiro B
3. Sendai Kushiro A
4. Chelmsford

Dan Grade Kata copy

Children's Black belt Kata
1. Jake Chin - Red Triangle
2. Denny Shy - Ashington
3. Alex Lockett - Chelmsford
4. Grace Snowdon - Sendai Kushiro

Kyu Grade Kata copy

Children's Kyu Grade Kata

1. Megan Fox - Sendai Kushiro
2. Ethan Henry - York Elite
3. Zak Humphreys - Woolton/Garston
4. Jonathon Luke - Sendai Kushiro

Boys over 55 copy

Boys Kumite 5ft 5 and over

1.Marcus Barker - Kirkby
2.Bradley Barker - Kirkby
3.Mikey Molloy - Kirkby
3.Connor Rees - Tekki RS

Boys 5 55 copy

Boys Kumite 5ft to under 5ft 5

1.Jake Chin - Red Triangle
2.Lewis Robinson-Burns - Red Triangle
3.Sonny Groves - Malvern
3.Abki Lakeneni - Solihull Karate Academy

Boys Under 5 copy

Boys Kumite Under 5ft

1.Thomas Hegarty - Solihull Karate Academy
2.Sandeep Singh - Solihull Karate Academy
3.Alex Lockett - Chelmsford
3.Charles Feehan - Somerset Ryu

Boys 10 11 copy

Boys Kumite 10-11

1.Jonathan Luke - Sendai Kushiro
2.Ryan Allcock - Solihull Karate Academy
3.Reece Keetley-Costello - St Johns
3.Henri Goddard - Stock

Girls Over 53 copy

Girls Kumite 5ft 3 over

1.Rebecca Adie - Sendai Kushiro
2.Miranda Moualeu - leeds
3.Christina Furtuna - Rising Sun Karate Academy
3.Jess Holbrook – Malvern

Girls Under 53 copy

Girls Kumite under 5ft 3

1.Bethany Nelson - Tekki RS
2.Amy Enright - Tekki RS
3.Lowrie Davies - Okami
3.Kayla Davison - Sendai Kushiro

Girls 10 11 copy

Girls Kumite 10-11

1.Rojun Rafie - Sendai Kushiro
2.Ella Mackintosh - Sendai Kushiro
3.Ruby Evans - Merthyr Tydfil
3.Emily Stanford – Stock

Ippon Kumite copy

Children’s Ippon Kumite

1.Mayon Jayawickrama - Barnsley
2.Elijah Bruce - Malvern
3.Zak Humphreys - Woolton/Garston
3.Charlotte Reason - Ashington


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