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Dan Grade Passes, Egham - 7th October 2006

The KUGB saw record attendances at its Special Dan Course in Egham on October 7th 2006. The course which is free to all KUGB Dan grades places special emphasis on those taking their Sandan grade and above. Sensei Sherry spent time particularly on the kata for those students taking Sandan to Rokudan. The standard was very high and we congratulate the following on their great achievement.

Special dan course 2006

Rokudan Passes

Randolph Williams, Leeds Academy
Robert Welsh, Tamworth

Godan Passes

Phillip Gandy, Chesterfield
Paul C Archer, Tamworth
Jane Petts, Aberdare
Ivan Birch, Red Lion
John Parnell, Basingstoke

Yondan Passes

Stuart Gordon, Salford Academy
Vicky Phillips, Salford Academy
Glenn Riley, Leeds Academy
Rahela Gordon, Kaizen
Rob McCartney, Kenshinkan
Valerie Dale, Ichi Ban
Robin Dale, Ichi Ban
Richard Derby, Croxteth
Joephine Wynn, Torashin
Tony Ives, Chingford Tora

Sandan passes

Christopher Hoyes, Egham
Astel Tomblinson, Wolves
Carl J Howard, Ichi Ban
Neil Robinson, Lancaster Red Rose
Kimberley May, Ichi Ban
David Weir, Sei-Do-Kan
Winston McLeish, Chesterfield
Lisa O'Grady, Kenshinkan
Liam O'Grady, Kenshinkan
Adam Purkiss, Stock
Christian A Luecke, Red Triangle
Malcolm A Threlfall, Preston Rising Sun
Jennifer Madden, Dublin


Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports