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Students Championships - 18th November 2006

Students Championships

18 November 2006

Congratulations to all who participated and to the following on their achievements:

Individual Kumite Events

Male Black Belt Kumite

1 R Tucker (Leeds K A)
2 I McLeod (Cambridge)
3 C Bell (Shinsei)
3 P Van Gordon (York)

Female Black Belt Kumite

1 A Scott (Leeds K A)
2 N Balyckyi (Leeds K A)
3 K May (Shoshin)
3 E Fanning (Red Lion)

Male Brown Belt Kumite

1 S Mir (LSE)
2 Y Alqurashi (Manchester)
3 D Mitchell (Aberystwyth)
3 S Hachard (Warwick)

Female Brown Belt Kumite

1 M Jones (Liverpool)
2 H Searle (Leeds K A)
3 E Nunn (Leeds K A)
3 S Barker (Kensho)

Male Kumite 7 - 4 kyu

1 J Gordon (LSE)
2 F Miao (LSE)
3 H Sinapius (LSE)
3 G Bradley (Cambridge)

Female Kumite 7 - 4 kyu

1 S McTighe (Cambridge)
2 C McCallum (Royal Holloway)
3 B Staples (Liverpool)
3 S Lox (Liverpool)

Individual Kata Events

Male Black Belt Kata

1 J Baker (Ronin)
2 R Tucker (Leeds K A)
3 E Reynolds (Chelmsford)
4 K Hayes (Croxteth)

Female Black Belt Kata

1 A Scott (Leeds K A)
2 L Hodkinson (Chelmsford)
3 K May (Shoshin)
4 L Williams (Warwick)

Male Kyu Grade Kata

1 D Mitchell (Aberystwyth)
2 H Sinapius (LSE)
3 G Bradley (Cambridge)
4 S Mir (LSE)

Female Kyu Grade Kata

1 S Barker (Kensho)
2 L Boyd (Cambridge)
3 T James (Aberystwyth)
4 R Rose (Chelmsford)

Team Events

Male Team Kumite

2 Cambridge Uni
3 Leeds Karate Academy
3 York

Female Team Kumite

1 Leeds Karate Academy
2 Warwick University
3 Liverpool A
3 Cambridge University

Male Team Kata

1 Aberystwyth
2 York
3 Cambridge
4 L S E

Female Team Kata

1 Liverpool 'A'
2 Liverpool 'B'
3 Aberystwyth

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