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SPECIAL DAN COURSE -25th March 2007

Sensei Sherry and Poynton with the Godan and Yondan passes

Above: The successful Godan and Yondan passes with Sensei Sherry and Poynton.
Left to right: Steven Clarke, David Ives, Raymond Alsop, Emma Hutton, Stephen Hulson and Trevor Jarrett.


The KUGB held the first of this year's free Special Dan Courses on Sunday 25th March. The course, for Shodan and above, was extremely well attended and was followed by a Dan Grading for those students taking Sandan and above.

KUGB Dan Grade Passes

Chesterfield - 25 March 2007
Examiners: Sensei A Sherry, 8th Dan and Sensei R Poynton, 7th Dan

Our congratulations to the following on their achievement:

Godan Passes

Raymond Alsop, Goshougake
Stephen Hulson, Newcastle u Lyme
Trevor Jarrett, Cullompton

Yondan Passes

Steven Clarke, Kaizen
Emma Hutton, Wolves SKC
David Ives, Chingford Tora

Sandan Passes

Roy Chapman, Red Triangle
Leon Cole, Woolton/Garston
James Collins, St Johns
Michael Davison, Kushiro
Shareena Edmonds, Makenki
Christopher Evans, Merthyr Tydfil
Christopher Hergest, Cwmbach
Peter Jeffrey, Red Triangle

Below: The successful Sandan passes with Sensei Sherry and Poynton
Back row: Peter Jeffrey, Michael Davison, Christopher Evans, Christopher Hergest
Front row: Roy Chapman, James Collins, Leon Cole, Shareena Edmonds

Sensei Sherry and Poynton with the successful Sandan passes

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports