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National Championships, NIA Birmingham - 19th May 2007

National Championships 2007

KUGB National Championships 2007

The 41st KUGB National Championship proved to be a great success this year with over 700 competitors from across the nation competing for the prestigious title of KUGB National Champion.

The event was tinged with sadness following the deaths earlier in the year of two of our greatest stalwarts, Charlie Naylor and Derek Langham. Three special solid silver antique memorial trophies were introduced in their honour and also in honour of Sensei Enoeda. They are for the most outstanding competitors in the under 16 year old events, the 16 to 20 year old events and the over 21 year old events.

Sensei Sherry presented certificates to Jimmy Brennan, Frank Brennan and Gary Harford who were promoted to 7th Dan; many congratulations to them.
Sensei Sherry also presented special Long Standing Membership awards to those students who have been with the organization for twenty, thirty or forty years - we again offer our sincere congratulations to them all.

Jimmy Brennan, Gary Harford and Frank Brennan, promoted to 7th Dan

Mike Threlfal being presented with his 40 year Long Standing Member certificate by Sensei Sherry


Male Team Kumite

1 Leeds karate Academy
2 Halewood
3 Malvern
3 Sendai Kushiro

Male Senior Kumite

1 John James Bruce (Sendai Kushiro)
2 Chris Cray (Malvern)
3 Michael Davison (Sendai Kushiro)
3 David Prout (Penwortham)

Male Kata

1 Stuart Gordon (Manchester University)
2 Lee Lamb (Kensho)
3 Paul James (Aberystwyth)
4 John James Bruce (Sendai Kushiro)

John James Bruce being presented with the Sensei Enoeda Memorial Trophy by Sensei Sherry

Junior Squad member, Holly Stirling, defends against John Bruce (right) and Lee Lamb

Female Team Kumite

1 Leeds Karate Academy
2 Halewood
3 Sendai
3 Kaizen

Female Kumite

1 Zoe Campbell (Warwick University)
2 Kelly Perry (Ronin)
3 V Mulhearn (Halewood)
3 Ashley Scott (Leeds Karate Academy)

Female Kata

1 Vicky Phillips (Manchester University)
2 Holly Sterling (Sendai Kushiro)
3 Kelly Perry (Ronin)
4 Samantha Plumb (Makenki)

Male Junior Kumite 18 - 20

1 Anthony Duffy (Red Triangle)
2 Jonathan McGorrian (Halewood)
3 Jonathan Huddleston (Langholm)
3 Damien O'Donnell (Malvern)

Male Junior Kumite 16 -17

1 Ryan Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Ross James (Merthyr Tydfil)
3 Jacob Baker (Ronin)
3 Tom Little (Leeds Karate Academy)

Antony Duffy presented with the Derek Langham Memorial Trophy from Sensei Sherry

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports