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Special Dan Course, Chesterfield - 19th April 2008

The KUGB held the first of its twice yearly special Dan Courses on Saturday 19th April.
The course, which is free to all KUGB Black Belts, was held at the Queens Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield and was extremely well attended.
Instruction was conducted by Sensei Sherry and Sensei Poynton and was particularly directed towards those students taking higher Dan Grades.
Those grading ranged in ages from 21 years to 73 years and they all epitomized the KUGB's philosophy of high quality Karate development through rational and rigorous training. This was evident in the results of the gradings and of particular note was Colin Schubert, who at the age of 73 passed 6th Dan and maintains a very active and wide ranging interest in all activities of the KUGB.
Many congratulations to those who passed.

Special Dan Course 2008

6th Dans

Andy Brown
Nick Heald
Colin Schubert
John Holdsworth

5th Dans

Lindsay Welsh
Ron Hicks
Anna Parkin
Christian Whale

4th Dans

Clive Davies
Karen Burnham
Val Jarrett
Steve Potts
Martin Olver
Simon Elwood-Thompson
Kelly Perry
Carol Fortune

3rd Dans

Kirstie James
Samuel Birch
Daniel Gaish
Sab Hussain
Patrick Agnah
Daniel Robinson
Ben Tunstall
Antony Duffy
Susan Howard
Richard Zealand

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports