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Shotokan Cup - 13th September 2003

Shotokan Cup - 13th September 2003

On Saturday 13th September 2003 the Karate Union of Great Britain held its National Individual Championships, the "Shotokan Cup" in Chesterfield. This competition is restricted to brown and black belts and so is always of a high standard. The entries for this year's competition were high, and the spectators were treated to a magnificent display from the KUGB's most talented karateka.

Below is a summary of the evening's finals.

Girls' Kata

The four finalists in the girls' kata were Holly Sterling (Canterbury), Natalie Keall (Ashington), Coleen Dermott (Newton Abbot) and Alice Griffiths (Tekki).

Holly Sterling added to last year's kata title with a fluid performance of Gojushihosho, gaining her first place.

Alice Griffiths took second place with Gojushihodai. Third place was awarded to Natalie Keall for Gojushihosho, and Coleen Dermott took fourth place with Nijushiho.

Boys' Kata

The four finalists for the boys' event were David Wright (Ashington), Alan Hesketh (Red Triangle), Peter Williamson (Picton) and Craig Reynolds (Croxteth).

Alan Hesketh took gold with Sochin to add to his National Championship title. David Wright was in second place with Nijushiho, with Peter Williamson and Craig Reynolds taking third and forth respectively - also with Nijushiho.

Junior Male Kata

The four juniors to go through in this event were Lee McLeod (Chelmsford), John Bruce (Ashington), Andrew Leong (Picton) and Christopher Evans (Merthyr Tydfil).

John Bruce's outstanding performance of Enpi gave him the title, with Andrew Leong following close behind with Sochin. Third place went to Lee McLeod for Kankusho. Fourth place was Christopher Evans who, unfortunately, was unable to perform his kata in the finals.

Girls' Under 5'3" Kumite

The final was between Carleen Porter (St Johns) and Janine Collins (St Johns). The first point went Carleen's way as the girls clashed with chudan punches - Carleen's hitting just first. However, Janine stood her ground and evened up the scores with a well-timed chudan punch. Another chudan punch from Janine, as Carleen ran in, gave her a second point and the title.

Joint third place was awarded to Zoe Starr (Leeds Karate Academy) and Coleen Dermott (Newton Abbot).

Girls' Over 5'3" Kumite

Alice Griffiths (Tekki) and Hayley Webb (Halewood) faced each other for the final of the over 5'3" kumite title. Alice dominated the fight, scoring first as she ran in with a double punch combination. Alice then went on to take gold with a chudan gyaku tsuki.

Joint third were Elizabeth Prout (Penwortham) and Natalie O'Brian (Widnes).

Boys' Kumite 10-11 Years

Joseph Rawcliffe (Kirkby) and Alex Stockton (St Johns) were the 10-11 years finalists. It was Joseph who took control, scoring twice with chudan gyaku tsuki to take the title back to Kirkby.

Michael Barrett (Leeds Karate Academy) and R Thompson (Denchikai) shared third place.

Boys' Under 5' Kumite

Craig Davidson (Kirkby) and Ross James (Merthyr Tydfil) made the finals of the boys' under 5' event. Craig got off to a good start, scoring with a body punch. He later went on to claim the title as he stormed in to score with another chudan gyaku tsuki.

Joint third was shared by Shaun Cassidy (Newark) and Sam Creamer (Leeds Karate Academy).

Boys' Kumite 5' to 5'"

This was another showdown between the two brothers - David Williamson and Peter Williamson (Picton). The first point went to Peter early on with a chudan punch. They made it difficult for the referees though, with both brothers often hitting each other together, so no points were scored. David eventually managed to even it up with a front-hand punch to the body and then he went on to repeat his National Championships victory, scoring on his brother Peter once more.

In joint third were Kevin Hayes (Kirkby) and Michael Pendleton (Seahouses).

Boys' Kumite Over 5'5"

The over 5'5" finalists were Liam Powell (Bargoed) and Jonathan McGorrian (Halewood). Jonathan used his excellent timing early on to take the first point with a body punch. A double punch combination later on scored him a jodan punch to give him the title.

Craig Browning (Tiverton) and Craig Reynolds (Croxteth) were in joint third place.

Junior Male Kumite 16-17 years

Sheldon Morgan (Rochfords) and Joe Hart (Leeds Karate Academy) took to the mats for the 16-17 male kumite event. Sheldon had quite a size advantage over Joe and he started off the aggressor, favouring kicks. As Joe warmed onto the fight he managed to stand his ground, dodging one of Sheldon's kicks and scoring with a punch as Sheldon landed. Sheldon soon squared things up though, using his reach to score a chudan gyaku tsuki. The fight went into an extension. Joe used the same tactic as he had previously to take the lead again, but Sheldon later landed with a very heavy punch, leaving Joe unable to continue. Joe was awarded the fight, with Sheldon in second place.

Joint third went to Richard Zealand (Leeds Karate Academy) and Peter Ameri (Charlton).

Junior Male Kumite 18-20 years

John Bruce (Ashington) and Lee McLeod (Chelmsford) were up against each other again, this time for the kumite event. Lee was keen to reverse the placings that they'd had in the kata, but John had other ideas. John ran in to score with a chudan punch early on, and later proved to have the faster hand speed when he beat Lee to the punch to take the title - a Junior Grand Champion.

John Bruce with Sensei Brennan and Sensei Sherry

John Bruce

Third in this event were Robert Foulkes (Dunfermline) and Austin Shields (Kaizen).

Ladies' Kata

The four finalists in the ladies' kata were Kelly Perry (Sendai), Vicky Phillips (Manchester Uni), Paula White (St Helens) and Tara Cummins (Ashington).

This time it was Paula White's turn to take gold, just beating Vicky Phillips' Nijushiho with a very strong Gojushihodai.

Kelly Perry improved on her Nationals result, taking third place with Sochin. Tara took fourth with Bassai Sho.

Senior Male Kata

Lee Lamb (Gateshead), Paul James (Aberystwyth), Matthew Price (Leeds Karate Academy) and Stuart Gordon (Manchester Uni) were the four finalists.

The last few years' competitions have seen numerous battles between Matthew and Stuart for first place in this event. This time it was Stuart who pulled it out of the bag, taking the title with a very impressive Gankaku, putting Matthew's Unsu in second place.

Lee did one better than his Nationals placing to put him in third with Gojushihosho. Paul performed Gojushihodai to give him fourth place.

Ladies' Kumite

The first of the semi-finals was between Tara Cummins (Ashington) and Zoe Campbell (Warwick Uni). Tara came out looking aggressive and sharp, but Zoe used her fluid, relaxed movement to find the target and she took the fight the two fast chudan punches.

The second semi-final was between Kelly Perry (Sendai) and Vicki Mulhearn (Halewood). Kelly put the pressure on and scored twice with chudan punches as Vicki attacked.

So the final fight was between Zoe Campbell and Kelly Perry. Kelly was up for taking the title, but as they went in with punches together, it was Zoe who just hit first to give her the first point. A second chudan punch gave Zoe the title - improving on last year's 2nd place.

Senior Male Kumite

Duncan Randall (Leeds Karate Academy) and Greg Hegarty (Ruach) were the first semi-finalists in this event. Both fighters were extremely cautious for the first minute, with neither fighter throwing a technique. The fight livened up during the second minute, with Greg scoring a lovely ippon to take the fight, with a jodan front-hand punch as Duncan moved into range.

The next two up were Matthew Price (Leeds Karate Academy) and Liam O'Grady (Kenshinkan). This fight had action from the very start with Matthew dominating, chasing Liam around the area. Matthew was first to score with a jodan punch that hit just before Liam's. A second jodan punch from Matthew sent Liam to the floor and Matthew received a warning. After more action from both fighters, Matthew caught Liam with a jodan mawashi geri, but it was too much for Liam and he was unable to continue. Matthew was disqualified and the fight was awarded to Liam.

Greg Hegarty then went on to take the gold, to go with his National Championship title.

At this competition there are two special Shotokan Cups awarded for the best kumite and the best kata. This year Greg Hegarty was awarded the Shotokan Cup for kumite and Stuart Gordon the Shotokan Cup for kata.


Girls' kata

1st Holly Sterling - Canterbury
2nd Alice Griffiths - Tekki
3rd Natalie Keall - Ashington
4th Coleen Dermott - Newton Abbot

Boys' kata

1st Alan Hesketh - Red Triangle
2nd David Wright - Ashington
3rd Peter Williamson - Picton
4th Craig Reynolds - Toxteth

Junior male kata

1st John Bruce - Ashington
2nd Andrew Leong - Picton
3rd Lee Mcleod - Chelmsford
4th Christopher Evans - Merthyr Tydfil

Ladies' kata

1st Paula White - St Helens
2nd Vicky Phillips - Manchester Uni
3rd Kelly Perry - Sendai
4th Tara Cummins - Ashington

Senior male kata

1st Stuart Gordon - Manchester Uni
2nd Matthew Price - Leeds Karate Academy
3rd Lee Lamb - Gateshead
4th Paul James - Aberystwyth

Girls' kumite under 5'3"

1st Janine Collins - St Johns
2nd Carleen Porter - St Johns
3rd Zoe Starr - Leeds Karate Academy
3rd Coleen Dermott - Newton Abbot

Girls' kumite over 5'3"

1st Alice Griffiths - Tekki
2nd Hayley Webb - Halewood
3rd Elizabeth Prout - Penwortham
3rd Natalie O'Brien - Widnes

Boys' kumite 10-11 years

1st Joseph Rawcliff - Kirkby
2nd Alex Stockton - St Johns
3rd Michael Barratt - Leeds Karate Academy
3rd R Thompson - Denchikai

Boys' kumite under 5'5"

1st Craig Davidson - Kirkby
2nd Ross James - Merthyr Tydfil
3rd Shaun Cassidy - Newark
3rd Sam Creamer - Leeds Karate Academy

Boys' kumite 5' to 5'5"

1st David Williamson - Picton
2nd Peter Williamson - Picton
3rd Kevin Hayes - Kirkby
3rd Michael Pendleton - Seahouses

Boys' kumite over 5'5"

1st Jonathan McGorrian - Halewood
2nd Liam Powell - Bargoed
3rd Craig Browning - Tiverton
3rd Craig Reynolds - Croxteth

Junior male kumite 16-17 years

1st Joseph Hart - Leeds Karate Academy
2nd Sheldon Morgan - Rochfords
3rd Richard Zealand - Leeds Karate Academy
3rd Peter Ameri - Charlton

Junior male kumite 18-20 years

1st John Bruce - Ashington
2nd Lee McLeod - Chelmsford
3rd Robert Foulkes - Dunfermline
3rd Austin Shields - Kaizen

Ladies' kumite

1st Zoe Campbell - Warwick Uni
2nd Kelly Perry - Sendai
3rd Tara Cummins - Ashington
3rd Vicki Mulhearn - Halewood

Senior male kumite

1st Greg Hegarty - Ruach
2nd Liam O'Grady - Kenshinkan
3rd Matthew Price - Leeds Karate Academy
3rd Duncan Randall - Leeds Karate Academy

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