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2008 Shotokan Cup -20th September

Christopher Cray scores with Ushiro Geri

The KUGB's Shotokan Cup took place on Saturday 20th September at the Queens Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield. The event, for Black and Brown Belts only is now in its 33rd year and attracts competitors from across the UK. An increased participation was seen this year and the excellent standards of the competitors saw many outstanding Ippons scored. Many thanks to all our Referees, helpers and supporters who make the event run so smoothly. Full results listed below. Congratulations to you all.

Sen. Male Kumite.

1st Christopher Cray
2nd Antony Duffy
3rd John Bruce
3rd Dean Field

Sen. Male Kata

1st Antony Duffy
2nd Stuart Gordon
3rd Dean Field
4th John Bruce

Victoria Mulhearn scores with Gyaku Tsuki

Female Kumite

1st Victoria Mulhearn
2nd Holly Sterling
3rd Vicky Phillips
3rd Caroline McGrath

Female Kata

1st Holly Sterling
2nd Vicky Phillips
3rd Samantha Plumb
4th Kelly Perry

Craig Reynolds scores with Mawashi Geri

Jun. Male Kumite 18/20 yrs.

1st Craig Reynolds
2nd Jacob Baker
3rd Jonathan McGorian
3rd Michael Roche

Jun. Male Kumite 16/17 yrs

1st James McGorian
2nd Joseph Rawcliffe
3rd Jason Plumb
3rd Callum Hodge

Jun. Male Kata

1st Jacob Baker
2nd David Wright
3rd Ryan Tucker
4th Jason Plumb

Boys Kumite over 5'-5"

1st Ben Whalen
2nd Patrick Parker
3rd Stephen Brown
3rd Elliot Parsons

Boys Kumite 5' to 5'-5"

1st Sam Light
2nd Michael Gale
3rd Ryan Stead
3rd Jordan Probst

Boys Kumite under 5'

1st Fraser Grice
2nd Henry Deane
3rd James Brown
3rd Hayden Steele

Boys Kumite 10/11 yrs

1st Jack Hillsden
2nd Liam Liddle
3rd Callum Charleston
3rd Connor Wilson

Boys Kata

1st Jack Somers
2nd Jorden Probst
3rd Eric Austin Coskry
4th Callum Charleston

Girls Kumite 5'-3" and above

1st Rebecca Rawcliffe
2nd Charlotte Pearce
3rd Stacey Liddle
3rd Josephine Fishkin

Girls Kumite under 5'-3"

1st Victoria Walker
2nd Megan Dent
3rd Rebecca Morrison
3rd Zoe Hillsden

Girls Kata

1st Alex Poole
2nd Charlotte Pearce
3rd Zoe Hillsdon
4th Rebecca Rawcliffe

Sensei Sherry presents the Shotokan Cup for the most outstanding Kumite competitor to Christopher Cray

Sensei Sherry presents the Shotokan Cup for the most outstanding Kata competitor to Antony Duffy

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