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Special Dan Course - Egham


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Special Dan Course 2008, Egham -4th October

The second of the KUGB's annual Special Dan Courses took place at the Egham Leisure Centre in Surrey on Saturday 4th October.
These courses are free to all KUGB Dan grades and are particularly directed to those students taking Grades of Sandan and above.
The course was very well attended by all ranks of Dan grade from 1st Dan to 7th Dan.
Grading candidates displayed an excellent level of skill and commitment and our congratulations to all those who passed.

Yondan Passes

Euros Edwards
Anthony Irvine
Noel Johnson
Claire Hibbitts
Sandra Calder
Ernest Payne
Noreen Small
David Weir
Andrea Laing
Kieran Shore
Simon O'Dowd
Ian Harman

Sandan Passes

Lyndsey Hodkinson
Jason Smyth
Madeleine Wood
Liz Lisle
Peter Trice
Sam Zinafi
Joseph Birch
Simon Crowther
Glyn Roberts

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports