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Varsity match -Cambridge & Oxford Universities - 21st February 2009

Winning Cambridge University Team:

Back row left to right:

Jonty Fairless
Andreja Erbes
Mike Hayoun
Chris Andrews
Richard Poole (Coach)
Paul Smith (Men's captain)
Roman Sztyler
Thibault Flinois
Joseph Poore
Nicholas Edwards
Kai Chai

Front row left to right:

Gemma Coughlin (Ladies captain)
Steph McTighe
Gosia Stanislawek
Tegwen Ecclestone
Madeleine Wood
Richard Morrisby
Nim Sukumar
Daniel Diggins

This years varsity match between Cambridge & Oxford Universities proved to be a great success for Cambridge which has been a member of the KUGB since its formation in 1976.

The event took place at Chesterton Sports Centre, Cambridge on Sat. Feb. 21st.

Cambridge were very confident, having been victorious over Oxford in the last two encounters, although a tough match was expected.

The competition is traditionally divided into three categories Men's A and B teams and the Ladies team. Each competitor performs an individual kata and then three representatives of each team perform a team kata.

For the Kumite both the Men's A and B teams fielded 5 competitors each and the ladies team 4 competitors.

Following a comprehensive victory by Cambridge in all sections of the kata, the kumite event provided Oxford with the opportunity to redress the balance. Each match was fought as shobu sanbon thus providing maximum opportunities to score.

The first encounter was between the Cambridge men's captain Paul Smith and his giant opponent from Oxford. This match set the standard for the event. It was a bruising encounter first with Oxford being warned for contact and then Cambridge. Paul's outstanding chudan mae geri floored his opponent but was judged to be too hard. Paul won the fight by two ippons with a succession of tsuki techniques.

All the encounters were conducted in the finest traditions of shotokan karate with excellent fighting spirit shown by both Oxford and Cambridge competitors.

The final results were:


Men's A team - 78 pts
Ladies - 67 pts
Men's B - 86 pts


Men's A team - 52 pts
Ladies - 35 pts
Men's B - 44 pts

Cambridge were awarded the Enoeda Cup and each of the three trophies for the individual categories.

Thank you to all those referees and officials from both Oxford and Cambridge who contributed to the organisation and running of the event.

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports