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KUGB Win World Championships -14th October 2009

kugb team

The KUGB achieved tremendous success at this year's World Shotokan Karate-Do Championships in Cancun, Mexico, with the England Squad in particular taking a huge tally of medals in both Male and Female Kata and Kumite and across all age divisions.

The event, held over the weekend of 26th/27th September, saw England's Senior Male Kumite Team of
John Bruce, Christopher Cray, Michael Davison, Dean Field, Liam O'Grady, Antony Duffy and Ryan Tucker take 1st place,
beating the Czech Republic 4-1 in the final; a great result for England and a second successive World title for them after winning in Poland two years ago.

Antony Duffy, known for his versatility and positive fighting style, showed terrific form to take 3rd place in the Senior Male Individual Kumite.

Ashley Scott showed a great improvement in form and a very determined attitude to take 2nd place in the Senior Female Kumite and did particularly well to beat the very tall Meral Olmez of the USA to get into the finals.

Holly Sterling demonstrated superb technique to take 3rd place in the Senior Female individual Kata.
Holly continues to improve and is edging towards the title year by year.

The Senior Male Team Kata contestants,
John Bruce, Dean Field and Antony Duffy,
put in a fine performance of Niju Shiho to take 4th place, a creditable result considering this is their first international outing together.

England's Junior Male Kumite team,
Ryan Tucker, Jonathan McGorian and David Wright,
performed very well to be placed, 3rd, narrowly being beaten by Austria in the semi-finals.

The Junior Individual Male Kumite saw Wales's Ross James fight extremely well to take 2nd place,
being narrowly beaten by the very tall and long-reaching Andreas Muther from Austria.
Ryan Tucker from England performed in his usual positive and spirited style to take 3rd place.

England's Junior Male Team Kata put in a very good performance of Sochin to take 2nd place, their first international together.

Nikki Stockham from Wales performed very well to take 3rd in the Junior Female Individual Kumite event.

England's Cadets, 17 year olds
Jason Plumb, James McGorian and Joseph Rawcliffe,
fought very impressively to take Gold in their team event.

They also dominated the individual event with all three of them in the finals.
James came out on top with Jason and Joseph in Joint 3rd places.

Jason also took Gold in the Cadet Male Kata with a fine performance of Unsu.

All in all a very strong performance from all the youngsters and the promise of great potential for the future.

Many congratulations to you all.


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