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ESKA Championships, Austria


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ESKA Championships, Austria

The KUGB International Squad at ESKA Championships in Austria

The KUGB's English Squad put in an outstanding performance at this years European Shotokan Karate Association Championships in Wels, Austria on 27th, 28th and 29th of November.

England Senior Team Kumite Champions

The Senior Team consisting of :
John Bruce, Michael Davison, Dean Field, Liam O'Grady, Antony Duffy, Ryan Tucker and Jonathon McGorian
took Gold in the Male Team Kumite event, beating Germany 3-1 in a very exciting final.
John Bruce and Liam O'Grady were unable to compete in the final match because of injury and juniors Ryan Tucker and Jonathan McGorian were brought in as substitutes winning both their matches. This was another brilliant performance by the team and their third successive victory in this event.

John Bruce: Third Place Senior Male Individual Kumite

John Bruce fought extremely well to take 3rd place in the Senior men's individual Kumite event showing a great improvement over previous years with a very strong and positive attitude.

Senior Ladies Team Kumite - 2nd Place

The England Ladies team consisting of:
Zoe Campbell, Kelly Perry, Ashley Scott and Holly Sterling
performed very well to take second place in the Ladies Team Kumite event to the very strong German team.

Zoe Campbell (far left): 2nd Place Senior Ladies Individual Kumite

Zoe Campbell also put in a fine performance in the Ladies individual Kumite to take second place to the very versitile German competitor, Maria Weib.

Junior Male Team Kumite - 1st Place England

England's junior team consisting of Ryan Tucker, Jonathan McGorian, David Wright and Jason Plumb performed outstandingly well,
beating home team Austria in a very close and tight match which ended up with an equal number of wins for each side but England took the Gold due to the superiority of an Ippon win.

Junior Team Kata - 3rd Place England

The England Junior Team Kata consisting of :
David Wright, Jason Plumb and Joseph Rawcliffe
also took third place with a fine performance of Niju Shiho.

Rhianne Blundell: 2nd Place Junior Ladies Individual Kumite

Rhianne Blundell put in a tremendous performance to take 2nd place in the Junior Ladies Individual Kumite

England Cadet Team Kumite - 2nd Place

England's Cadet Male Kumite Team consisting of:
James McGorian, Joseph Rawcliffe, Harry Cuddy and Hisham Saif
performed very well narrowly being beaten by Switzerland to take the Bronze Medal. James McGorian also took the Bronze Medal in the Cadet Individual Kumite.

KUGB Northern Ireland Ladies Team Kumite - 3rd Place

In the Ladies Cadet Team Kumite event KUGB's Northern Ireland Ladies Team consisting of:
Yasmin Geddis, Leonna O'Reilly and Jennifer Lappin
performed very well to take the Bronze Medal.

Hisham Saif: 1st Place Cadet Male Kata

Hisham Saif was outstanding in the Cadet Male Individual Kata to take Gold with a terrific performance of Niju Shiho.

Congratulations to all the Squads for their great performances and many thanks to the large contingent of KUGB spectators for their tremendous support.

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