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Grand Slam Competition -27th February 2010

John Bruce: 1st Place Senior Male Individual Kumite

The KUGB's 1st Grand Slam competition of the year took place on Sat. 27th Feb. at the Queens Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield.

The event, between Squad members from England, Scotland, Wales and Eire is designed to give the Squads experience of international competition.

High Standards are expected and the quality of technique and fighting spirit of the competitors were exceptional.

John Bruce and Holly Sterling performed particularly well with both of them taking the Kata and Kumite Titles.

The event also saw a great improvement in many of the junior competitors which bodes very well for the future.

Congratulations to you all.

Full results below.

Sen. Male ind. Kumite

1st J. Bruce
2nd M. Hook
3rd J. Cook
3rd B. Fail

Male Jun. Ind. Kumite 18 - 20yrs

1st R. Tucker
2nd J. Rawcliffe
3rd D. Wright
3rd J. Plumb

Male Jun. Ind. Kumite 16 and 17yrs

1st H. Cuddy
2nd S. Brown
3rd A. Cryer
3rd H. Saif

Male Jun. Ind. Kumite 14 and 15 yrs

1st C. Hamilton
2nd R. Stead
3rd A. Lennie
3rd A. Hickman

Sen. Fem. Ind. Kumite
1st H. Sterling
2nd V. Mulhearn
3rd A. Scott
3rd C. McGrath

Fem. Jun. Ind. Kumite 17 - 20 yrs

1st E. Nunn
2nd M. Finlay
3rd J. Collins
3rd R. Blundell

Fem. Jun. Ind. Kumite 14 -16 yrs

1st M. Dent
2nd R. Rawcliffe
3rd J. Corcoran
3rd A. Jasper

Male Ind. Kata

1st J. Bruce
2nd D, Wright
3rd H. Saif
4th S. Gordon

Fem. Ind. Kata

1st H. Stirling
2nd Z. Starr
3rd J. Fortune
4th N. Balycki

Sen. Male Team Kumite

1st England
2nd Wales
3rd Scotland

Jun. Male Team Kumite

1st England
2nd Wales
3rd Scotland

Sen. Fem. Team Kumite

1st England
2nd Eire
3rd Wales

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports