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Central Region Championships and Kata Squad Selection


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Central Region Championships and Kata Squad Selection 2010 - 6th March

Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan recognised for 30 years support to the Central Region

The Central region Championships, one of the most prestigious and major events in the KUGB calendar, was held at the Queens park leisure centre in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. On the 6th March 2010.

Central Region Championships Medal Winners

All the medal winners

The Tournament, boasting some 26 different categories, ranging from the Children's Ippon Kumite to the Senior Male team kumite event, started promptly at 10.00am.

The venue allows for four areas to be used concurrently for the preliminary rounds, so contestants and officials alike were kept active from the very start. The seating area is very close to the competition area which created an electric atmosphere. The supporters were both vibrant and enthusiastic through out the entire day.

An increase in participation was seen this year and the exceptional standard of the competitors saw many outstanding matches in both kata and kumite.

The use of hand mitts, now in its third year, is proving very successful, with injuries being kept to a minimum.

Sensei Brennan with the demonstration team

Sensei Brennan with the demonstration team

After a short respite the finals started at 3.30pm with the introduction of honoured guests, as follows:
Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan Vice chairman of the KUGB and Chief referee for the finals attended the championship for the 30th year;
Sensei Rob Welsh 6th Dan, championship co-ordinator and Central Region Officer;
Sensei Richard Poole 6th Dan, Welsh Regional Officer, President of WSKA and ESKA;
Sensei Colin Schubert 6th Dan (celebrating 40 years membership with the KUGB).

In addition, the following central region members were recognized/acknowledged for their outstanding achievements throughout the year:

LSMs - 30 years

Randolph Hutton 5th Dan (Wolves S.K.C.)
Rob Manning 4th Dan (S.Notts S.K.C.)

LSMs - 20 years

Roger Beresford 3rd Dan (Chesterfield SKC)
Winston McLeish 3rd Dan (Chesterfield SKC)
Adam Welsh 2nd Dan (Tamworth SKC)

National squad selection

Selected to the Senior Kumite Squad:

Madalaine Woods (Cambs Univ) and Paul Smith (Cambs Univ).

Selected to the Junior Squad:

Teddie Henderson (S.Notts), Ashley Hall (Tamworth), Emma Nunn (Cambs Univ).

Sensei Brennan was presented with a crystal rose bowl in recognition of his support and dedication to the Central region for the last 30 years. The presentation was made by the Central Region Officer, Sensei Rob Welsh.

A demonstration in honour of Sensei Brennan's 30 years association with the Central region was given by Sensei Rob Manning 4th Dan and members of the South Notts SKC.

Senior Instructors, National Squad Members & Long Standing Members

The Senior Instructors together with the Central region members who have achieved National squad selection, 30 and 20 yrs membership with the KUGB

The Central region committee would like to thank the referee's, Judges, the Doctor, St John's Ambulance Brigade, the staff of Queen's Park Leisure Centre, also the numerous helpers and supporters who made this championship such a successful event.


Central Region Kata Squad Selection

The selection for Sensei Frank Brennan's Kata squad for 2010 took place on Sunday 14th February at the Chasetown Sports College, Burntwood, Staffs.

The criteria for selection required that the candidates performed a Heian kata of Sensei's choice.

The courses, of which there are eight in the year, are open to all Central region members of 3rd Kyu grade and above and 14 years of age minimum.

Now in its 12th year these courses are as popular as ever.

Sensei Brennan has structured these courses with the emphasis being on Dan grade katas but he also Includes basic combinations from the Dan grade Syllabus.

The Central region is the smallest of all the U.K. regions. However, Some 50 karateka from all over the region attended this course, with grades ranging from 2nd kyu up to 6th Dan (of which there were several), such is the importance of these courses.

In addition, and with permission from Sensei Brennan, Instructors from the South, North, Welsh and Irish regions were also in attendance.

In conjunction with the kata squad course, Sensei Brennan also Instructs an all grades course on the same dates.

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