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44th KUGB National Championships


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44th KUGB National Championships 2010 - 15th May

KUGB Technical Committee

The KUGB's 44th National Championships took place on Saturday 15th May at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. The competition attracted participants from all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland with a substantial increase of competitors on last year, needing twelve contest areas to cope with the eliminations.

The finals started with the introduction of the KUGB's Technical Committee members and the awarding of Long Standing Member certificates to those students who have been with the organisation for periods of 20, 30 and 40 years, which this year took the total number to over 300.

The audience were treated to superb demonstrations, one by Mathew Price and Tom Little, another by Junior Squad members Sam Light and Chris Hamilton, led by Megan Dent.

As always there were many exciting Kumite matches and a superb standard of Kata with top honours going to John Bruce who once again became Grand Champion by winning both the Senior Kata and Senior Kumite events, repeating his achievements of last year. Well done to all those who competed and many congratulations to all the finalists.

We would like to give sincere thanks to our Referees, Judges, Timekeepers and Recorders and to our numerous friends and helpers, including the Birmingham Young Event Volunteers, our sponsors Kamae and the NIA staff, who together make this Championship such a special event.

Many thanks to Mike O'Connor for the excellent photographs.

KUGB National Championships 2010 Results

Male Team Kumite Results

Male Team Kumite

1 Halewood
2 Sendai Kushiro
3 Bargoed
3 Manchester University

Male Senior Kumite Results

Male Senior Kumite

1 John Bruce (Sendai Kushiro)
2 Dean Field (Manchester University)
3 Liam O'Grady (York)
3 Johnathan McGorian (Halewood)

Senior Male Individual Kata Results

Male Kata

1 John Bruce (Sendai Kushiro)
2 David Wright (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Hisham Saif (Al-Ghazali)
4 Dean Field (Manchester University)

Matthew Price demonstration with Tom Little

Matthew Price demonstrates with student Tom Little

Female Team Kumite Results

Female Team Kumite

1 Halewood
2 Leeds Karate Academy
3 Manchester University
3 St Helens

Senior Ladies Individual Kumite Results

Female Senior Kumite

1 Zoe Campbell (Warwick University)
2 Ashley Scott (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Vicky Mulhearn (Halewood)
3 Vicky Phillips (Manchester University)

Senior Ladies Individual Kata Results

Female Kata

1 Holly Sterling (Sendai Kushiro)
2 Vicky Phillips (Manchester University)
3 Ashley Scott (Leeds Karate Academy)
4 Samantha Plumb (Chingford Tora)

Junior Male Individual Kumite 18 to 20 yrs Results

Male Junior Kumite 18 - 20

1 Joe Rawcliffe (Halewood)
2 James McGorian
3 Ryan Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Jason Plumb (Chingford Tora)

Junior Male Individual Kumite 16 to 17 yrs Results

Male Junior Kumite 16 -17

1 Harry Cuddy (Leeds Shotokan)
2 Jordon Probst (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Hisham Saif (Al-Ghazali)
3 Jamie Sims (Egham)

Junior Ladies Kumite Results

Female Junior Kumite

1 Rianne Blundell (Halewood)
2 Nikki Stockham (Brecon)
3 Mel Finlay (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Yasmin Geddis - Zanshin N I

Adult Team Kata Results

Adult Team Kata

1 Manchester University
2 Leeds Karate Academy
3 Dunfermline
4 Tekki RS

Boys Kumite over 5' 5

Boys Kumite Over 5' 5"

1 Chris Hamilton (Sendai Kushiro)
2 Matthew Humphries (Leeds Shotokan)
3 Michael Brand (Kyoshin)
3 Andrew Lennie (Dunfermline)

Boys Kumite 5' to 5' 5

Boys Kumite 5ft to 5' 5"

1 Jack Hillsden (Chelmsford)
2 Chris Wangiel (Ystrad Mynach)
3 Josh Smith (Halewood)
3 Hayden Steele (Leeds Karate Academy)

Boys Kumite under 5' Results

Boys Kumite Under 5'

1 Connor Wilson (St Johns)
2 Joseph O'Hara (USKF)
3 Oliver Dean (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 T Kyle (Malvern)

Boys Kumite 10 to 11 yrs Results

Boys Kumite 10 - 11

1 Luke Gilbert (Can Do Martial Arts)
2 Kyle Watkins (Bargoed)
3 Jake Atkinson (York Karate)
3 Samuel Langton (Woolton Gartson)

Girls Kumite 5' 3

Girls Kumite 5' 3" and over

1 Megan Dent (Sendai Kushiro)
2 Holly Dickinson (Leeds Karate Academy)
3 Alice Atkinson (York)
3 Tabitha Birch (Red Lion)

Demonstration by Megan Dent, Sam Light and Chris Hamilton

Demonstration by Megan Dent assisted by Sam Light and Chris Hamilton

Girls Kumite under 5' 3

Girls Kumite Under 5' 3"

1 Nicole Garton (St Helens)
2 Amena Jasper (Brecon)
3 Lucinda McNally (Red Lion)
3 Geri Friel (Strabane)

Girls Kumite 10 to 11 yrs Results

Girls Kumite 10 - 11

1 Emelye O'Brien (Leeds Karate Academy)
2 Emily Hughes (Malvern)
3 Ruth O'Hara (USKF)
3 Teah Pope (Chelmsford)

Children's Ippon Kumite Results

Children's Ippon Kumite

1 Abdulrahman Saif (Al-Ghazali)
2 Ilyas Ahmed (Al Ghazali)
3 Nicholas Guilfoyle (Leeds Shotokan)
3 Jade Stapleton (Leeds Shotokan)

Children's Kata 4th Kyu and below Results

Children's Kata (4th kyu and below)

1 Abdulrahman Saif (Al-Ghazali)
2 Jamie Lottering (Shin Gi Tai)
3 Keiran Tucker (Leeds Karate Academy)
4 Jamie Allan (Denchi Kai Academy)

Children's Kata 3rd Kyu and above Results

Children's Kata (3rd kyu and above)

1 Michael Gale (Leeds Shotokan)
2 Daniel Smart (Ashington)
3 Connor Wilson (St Johns)
4 Jess Palmer (Tekki RS)

Children's Team Kata Results

Children's Team Kata

1 Ikkyo Aberystwyth
2 Dunfermline
3 Ashington B
4 Makenki

Sensei Enoeda Memorial Trophy Awarded to John Bruce

Sensei Enoeda Memorial Trophy
for the most outstanding senior competitor
John Bruce (Sendai Kushiro)

John Bruce and Dean Field clash in the Senior Male Individual Kumite Final

Derek Langham Memorial Trophy awarded to Joseph Rawcliffe

Derek Langham Memorial Trophy
for the most outstanding junior competitor (16 - 20)
Joseph Rawcliffe (Halewood)

Charles Naylor Memorial Trophy awarded to Abdulrahman Saif

Charles Naylor Memorial Trophy
for the most outstanding
junior competitor (Under 16)
Abdulrahman Saif (Al-Ghazali)

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