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30th Karate Summer School and Kids Camp 2010

Monday 2nd August to Friday 6th August

The 30th Karate Summer School and Kids Camp at Lancaster University

The Karate Summer School at Lancaster University celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. The course instructed by Senseis Andy Sherry, Terry O'Neill, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan was very well attended by students from across the UK and abroad.

Sensei Andy Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan instructing the higher Dan grade class

Training started at 8 am with classes divided into various grades and instruction was given by the Senseis on a rotational basis with Kihon, Kata and Kumite taught appropriate to the students' grade. Senseis Sherry and Brennan also took special extra classes for those taking Dan Gradings within the next few months.

Sensei Terry O'Neill explaining applications to the Dan grade class

There was an Instructor Qualification class and examination and all candidates were successful in receiving their Instructor award.

Sensei Bob Poynton instructing the Dan grades in Kata

Sensei Ian MacLaren gave instruction in Bo technique and also gave one of his very interesting lectures together with a question and answer session.

Sensei Bob Rhodes explaining Kumite to a junior grades class

The social event was held on Tuesday evening and gave everyone the opportunity to meet and make friends and discuss various aspects of the course.

Sensei Billy Higgins helping a junior grade to correct their technique

The very enjoyable annual superstars competition between the Dan and Kyu grades took place on Thursday afternoon; it included Basketball, Break Sprints, Goal Scoring, Sumo and Tug of War with the Dans once again coming out on top.

A grading took place at the end of the course and many congratulations to the following who were successful in their Dan Grading examination:

1st Dan

Rebecca Cassapi (South Notts)
Danieca Clegg (Sei Do Kan)
Lewis T Evans (Sei Do Kan)
Shaia Lofti (Trent)
Jasmin Roberts (Sei Do Kan)
Oksana Robinson (Sei Do Kan)
Thomas J Sharpland (Sei Do Kan)
Martin Shields (Shin Gi Tai)
Nathan Wuspianski (Leeds)

2nd Dan

Sarah Barnett (Tekki RS)
Michael Brand (Kyoshin)
Alan Gibson (Zanshin)
Adam Liddle (Torashin)

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Historic KUGB Reports