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Special Dan Course - 4th October 2003

Special Dan Course - 4 October 2003, Chesterfield

Examiners: Senseis A Sherry 7th Dan, R Poynton 6th Dan, C Naylor 6th Dan.

The free 2 hour lesson was instructed by Sensei Sherry, assisted by Senseis Poynton and Naylor. Approximately 100 Dan grades attended the course, ranging from 1st Dan up to 6th Dan.
The contents of the lesson ranged from development and maintenance of fundamental techniques through to advanced kumite and kata. The course was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The high standard and enthusiasm of the karateka on the course was reflected in the grading results, which were as follows:

Sandan passes:

Clive Davies, Shinyo
Gary Disley, Red Triangle
Simon Ellwood-Thompson, Tekki
Valerie G Jarrett, Cullompton
Bryan McVay, Gateshead
Paul Parry, Barnsley
Nasreen Shah, Chikara
Christopher J Williams, Red Lion

Yondan passes:

James A Fennell, Guilden Sutton
Michael Johnstone, Hutton
John S Kennish, Isle of Man
John Lloyd, New Heys

Our congratulations to them on their achievement!

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports