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Northern Region Championships - 9th November 2003

Northern Region Championships - Results - Sunday 9th November 2003

Children's kata 9th-4th Kyu

1st C Reilly - Kirkby
2nd A Poole - Halewood
3rd J Bennett - Rothwell
4th M Dent - Ashington

Children's kata 3rd Kyu and above

1st H Saif - Picton
2nd Williamson - Picton
3rd D Wright - Ashington
4th J Bending - Leeds Academy

Junior Team Kata

1st Picton
2nd Leeds Academy
3rd Ashington
4th Kirkby A

Ladies' Kata

1st K Perry - Sendai
2nd T Cummings - Ashington
3rd N Balyckyi - Hutton
4th C McGrath - Sendai

Senior Team Kata

1st Manchester University
2nd Gateshead
3rd Sendai
4th Kushiro

Senior Male Kata

1st L Lamb - Gateshead
2nd A Leong - Picton
3rd J Donaldson - Manchester Uni
4th D Clears - Mitsubachi

Girls' 12-15 under 5'3" Kumite

1st Z Starr - Leeds Academy
2nd N Obrien - Croxteth
3rd A Evans - Halewood
3rd T Blezard

Girls' 12-15 over 5'3" Kumite

1st N Keale - Ashington
2nd C Reilly - Kirkby
3rd C Pattinson
3rd S Sadiq - Halewood

Ippon Kumite under 10 years

1st J Finlay - Leeds Academy
2nd A Petrie - Ashington
3rd M Gayle - Leeds Academy
3rd L Wellacott - Leeds Academy

Boys' 10-11 Kumite under 5'

1st T Edwards - St Johns
2nd J Rawcliffe - Halewood
3rd J McGorian - Halewood
3rd B Strong - Hinley

Boys' 12-15 Kumite under 5'

1st O Harvey-Richards - Leeds Academy
2nd T Little - Leeds Academy
3rd D Lunn - Mitsubachi
3rd M Roche - Red Triangle

Boys' 12-15 Kumite 5' to 5'5"

1st D Williamson - Picton
2nd P Williamson - Picton
3rd J Bending - Leeds Academy
3rd C Davidson - Kirkby

Boys 12-15 Kumite over 5'5"

1st J McGorian - Halewood
2nd C Reynolds - Croxteth
3rd A Hodgson - Halewood
3rd R Ince - Gateshead

Junior Male Kumite 16-17 years

1st J Irvine - St Johns
2nd S Hubery - Kushiro
3rd R Zealand - Leeds Academy
3rd A Hesketh - Red Triangle

Junior Male Kumite 18-20 years

1st C Cray - Malvern
2nd G Donagon - Seidokan
3rd J Eltringham - Ashington
3rd D Clears - Mitsubachi

Ladies' Kumite

1st T Cummings - Ashington
2nd V Mulhearn - Halewood
3rd C McGrath - Sendai
3rd K Perry - Sendai

Senior Male Kumite

1st N Heald - Leeds Academy
2nd S Olver - Kushiro
3rd S Gordon - Manchester Uni
3rd L O'Grady - Kenshinkan

Male Team Kumite

1st Leeds Academy -see above picture
2nd Kenshinkan
3rd Manchester Uni
3rd Malvern

The Jack Ellis Trophy for Junior Team was presented to Picton.

The Ray Yorke Memorial Trophy for Senior Individual Kata was presented to Lee Lamb.

The HPE Print Trophy for best children's all-rounder was presented to Johnathon McGorian.

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