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ESKA Championships 2003 - 7th December 2003

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The 2003 ESKA Championships at Crowtree Leisure Centre were a tremendous success. Around 20 countries from all over Europe took part in this event and provided an extremely high standard of competition, witnessed by a capacity crowd.

This year's event was dedicated to the memory of Sensei Enoeda who was Chief Technical Advisor to ESKA.

The Sunday finals opened with short commemorative video followed by a minutes silence in his honour.

A medal depicting Sensei Enoeda had been specially produced, and a new award - The Sensei Enoeda Memorial Trophy - instigated. This perpetual trophy will be awarded each year to the most outstanding competitor, and we are delighted and proud that its very first recipient was KUGB Squad member Matthew Price. The Trophy was presented to Matt by Mrs Enoeda, which made it even more special.

Matthew Price receives the trophy from Mrs Enoeda

Matthew Price and Mrs Enoeda with the Sensei Enoeda Memorial Trophy

Matthew Price with the trophy awarded to the most outstanding competitor

Special books of condolence had been opened at Sensei Enoeda?s memorial service at Crystal Palace in June and had been made available throughout the year at various events for those who wished to place a message. These books were presented to Mrs Enoeda at the finals.

Sensei Sherry presents the books of condolences to Mrs Enoeda

A special award was also made to Jeff Barwick who has done an invaluable amount of work in the preparation for this event and four other international events since 1985.

Jeff Barwick receives his award from Sensei Sherry

The KUGB entered squads from England, Scotland and Wales and the results were as follows:

Senior Male Kumite

1st - Ramon Rotella Baladon (Spain)
2nd - Michael Davison (England)
3rd - Mustapha Berkani (Sweden)
3rd - Johan Scheuer (Sweden)

Michael Davidson (far left) receiving the silver medal in the men's kumite

Senior Female Kumite

1st - Ebru Tuefenk (Germany)
2nd - Sabina Topalovic (Sweden)
3rd - Silvia Hagen (Germany)
3rd - Erka Rimaszombati (Hungary)

Junior Male Kumite

1st - Bartosz Soltysiak (Poland)
2nd - Arnaud Vicaire (Belgium)
3rd - John Bruce (England)
3rd - Chris Cray (England)

John Bruce (far left) and Chris Cray (2nd from left) receiving their bronze medals for the junior male kumite

Junior Female Kumite

1st - Claudia Steinocher (Austria)
2nd - Nataliya Davydova (Ukraine)
3rd - Tara Cummings (England)
3rd - Anna Fajkowska (Poland)

Tara Cummings (far left) receives her bronze medal in the junior ladies' kumite

Senior Male Kata

1st - Jesus Quinto Barbera (Spain)
2nd - Balsz Lackner (Hungary)
3rd - Michael Haas (Germany)
4th - Martin Ramirez (Spain)

Senior Female Kata

1st - Doris Gwinner (Austria)
2nd - Jemma Mitcham (England)
3rd - Tanja Diendorfer (Austria)
4th - Agnieszka Wolna (Poland)

Jemma Mitcham (far left) receives her silver medal in the senior ladies' kata

Junior Male Kata

1st - Michael Haas (Germany)
2nd - Martin Ramirez (Spain)
3rd - Arnaud Vicaire (Belgium)
3rd - Timo Gissler (Germany)

Junior Female Kata

1st - Yasmin Gungor (Austria)
2nd - Sabrina Haas (Germany)
3rd - Sabine Schneider (Germany)
4th - Anastasiya Kurova (Ukraine)

Senior Male Team Kata

1st - Poland
2nd - Austria
3rd - England
4th - Switzerland

Dean Field, Matthew Price and Stuart Gordon performing kankusho for third place in the men's team kata

Senior Female Team Kata

1st - Austria
2nd - Poland
3rd - Germany
4th - England

Vicky Phillips, Paula White and Jemma Mitcham took fourth place for their team kata

Junior Male Team Kata

1st - Poland
2nd - Germany
3rd - Austria
4th - England

John Bruce, James Eltringham and Liam Dermott receive their medals for fourth place in the junior male team kata

Junior Female Team Kata

1st - Germany
2nd - Ukraine
3rd - England
4th - Belarus

Holly Sterling, Tara Cummings and Natasha Balyncky took the bronze medal for their team kata

Senior Male Team Kumite

1st - Sweden
2nd - Germany
3rd - Poland
3rd - England

The England male team kumite third place

Matthew Price
Greg Heggarty
Dean Field
Michael Davidson
Stephen Olver
Duncan Randall
Liam O'Grady

Senior Female Team Kumite

1st - Germany
2nd - Poland
3rd - Austria
3rd - Sweden

Junior Male Team Kumite

1st - Poland
2nd - Austria
3rd - Switzerland
3rd - Portugal

Junior Female Team Kumite

1st - Poland
2nd - Ukraine
3rd - Belarus
3rd - England

The England junior female team kumite medallists were:

Holly Sterling (above)
Caroline McGrath
Tara Cummings
Natasha Balyncky

More pictures..

The full England team

Jemma Mitcham performing Gojushihosho

The England kumite, team receive their medals :

Matthew Price
Greg Heggarty
Dean Field
Stephen Olver
Michael Davidson 

Michael Davidson (right) on his way to the silver medal.

The KUGB sent it's Squads to a total of three International competitions during 2003.

- in May, at the JKA of Europe Championships in Hungary, we achieved 2 individual gold, 2 individual bronze and 2 team bronze medals.

- in October, at the WSKA World Championships in Switzerland, we achieved 2 individual gold, 1 team gold and 2 team bronze medals.

With the results achieved at the ESKA championships at Sunderland, this brings the total number of medals for the year to 11 individual (4 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze) and 11 team (1 gold and 10 bronze).
We are very proud of the standard and performance of our squad members and offer them and their coaches our congratulations and wish them every success for the future.


Recent KUGB Reports

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