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2011 ESKA Championships, Poland


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2011 ESKA European Shotokan Karate-Do Championships

26th November to 27th November

2011 ESKA Championships - The KUGB English Contingent at Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

The ESKA European Shotokan Karate-Dotook place in the city of Bielsko-Biala, Poland on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November.

The event, in the city's impressive new and magnificent Pod Debowcem Sports Stadium, was held over three days due to the large entry that has continued to grow steadily over the years.

KUGB's England Squad again produced some very impressive results in a competition of high standards and powerful competitors. The Senior Men's team consisting of John Bruce, Christopher Cray, Ryan Tucker, Jonathan McGorian, Joseph Rawcliffe and James McGorian performed outstandingly well to fight their way through to the finals against Germany. The match ended up an exact draw with two Ippons and two Awasate Ippons each, with Germany taking the title in the fight off.

The Senior Ladies' team also did extremely well to get through to the final against a very strong Austrian team who beat England 2 - 1.

Ryan Tucker fought outstandingly well to gain a place the semi-finals of the Senior Men's individual Kumite. Almost all of his opponents were well over 6' tall and in one match against a former Russian European Champion, Ryan scored Ippon with Jodan Mawashi Geri with only one second of the match remaining and received a huge applause from the crowd.

Holly Sterling also did remarkably well to get through to the semi-finals of the Senior Ladies Individual Kumite; she is an outstanding competitor, very fast and fearless. She also achieved 5th place in the Ladies Individual Kata.

Hisham Saif is continuing to make his mark on the international Kata scene. He took 3rd place in the Junior Individual Kata with his performance of Gankaku and also took 2nd place in the Senior Individual Kata the following day.

England's Junior Kumite Team consisting of Stephen Brown, James McGorian, Jordan Probst and Joseph Rawcliffe achieved Joint 3rd place. Although a good result, it was, by their standards below par, as they have won the event for the previous 3 years.

England's Junior Team Kata members, Chris Hamilton, Hisham Saif and Jack Somers put in a superb performance of Sochin to take 1st place. Jack then went on to take Gold in the Cadet Individual Kata event with a tremendous performance of Goju Shiho Sho and Chris took 4th place with a fine performance of Sochin.

Joseph Finlay and Chris Hamilton put in very good performances in the Cadet Individual Kumite event to both take Joint 3rd place. Great performances for their first international event.

Jimmy Brennan gained his International Referee qualification and Simon Thompson International Judge after a gruelling five day training, assessment and examination process.

All in all a great achievement by the Squad who share a tremendous camaraderie and continue the tradition of very impressive results that the KUGB has produced since the formation of its International Squad system in 1968.

Congratulations to you all.

Senior Mens Kumite Team

James McGorian
Christopher Cray
Joseph Rawcliffe
Ryan Tucker
Jonathan McGorian
John Bruce

Senior Ladies Team Kumite

Ashley Scott, Holly Sterling and Rhianne Blundell With ESKA President Richard Poole

Ryan Tucker (2nd from right) a most spirited and determined competitor

Ryan Tucker scores Ippon with plenty of time to spare!

Holly Sterling (far right) tremendous speed and spirit, with ESKA Vice President Ilya Gouliev

Hisham Saif (far left) superb technique and Kime

England's Junior Team - 3rd Place

Joseph Rawcliffe scores Ippon

England's Junior Team Kata winners - superb co-ordination and timing

Jack Somers 1st in Cadet Individual Kata and Chris Hamilton 4th

Chris Hamilton and Joseph Finlay, both Joint 3rd

Jimmy Brennan passed as International Referee for England
Simon Thompson International Judge for Wales

The English Contingent
Andy Sherry
Jimmy Brennan
Frank Brennan
Gary Harford
John Bruce
Christopher Cray
Jonathan McGorian
Ryan Tucker
James McGorian
Joseph Rawcliffe
Ashley Scott
Holly Sterling
Rhianne Blundell
Hisham Saif
Stephen Brown
Jordan Probst
Jack Somers
Chris Hamilton
Joseph Finlay
Melissa Finlay
Rebecca Rawcliffe
Megan Dent

It's all over for another year.

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