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2011 WSKA Championships, Chicago

17th September to 18th September

The successful KUGB England Squad

The KUGB's England Squad achieved remarkable success at this year's WSKA World Shotokan Karate Championships over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd September.

The event, held at the Harper College Sports Stadium in Chicago, saw the Squad take a total of five first places.

The Female Senior Kumite Team consisting of Ashley Scott, Holly Sterling and Rhianne Blundell took Gold in a very exciting final match against Poland, beating them 3-0.

Hisham Saif put in a magnificent performance of Gankaku to take gold in the Junior Male Individual Kata event and also came fifth in the Senior Male Individual Kata event.

The Junior Male Team Kata contestants, Joseph Rawcliffe, Hisham Saif and Jordan Probst achieved Gold with a superb performance of Enpi.

Squad mates Megan Dent and Rebecca Rawcliffe fought out the Female Cadet Individual Kumite final with Megan eventually coming out on top to take the title.

England's Junior Females consisting of Melissa Finley, Megan Dent and Rebecca Rawcliffe also took gold in their Team Kumite event, beating South Africa in a close and exciting Final.

Other notable performances were given by the Senior Men's Kumite Team who drew 2-2 with Germany, who took the title having a full Ippon in their score to leave England in second place.

Jordan Probst also fought very well to take silver in the Male Cadet Individual Kumite.

The Junior Male Team consisting of Joseph Rawcliffe, James McGorian, Jordan Probst and Stephen Brown were narrowly beaten by the USA in the semi-finals to take bronze.

Holly Sterling gave a fine performance of Goju Shiho Sho to take 4th place in the Ladies Senior Individual Kata and Lloyd Birt from Wales showed much improvement to take 2nd in the Cadet and 3rd in the Junior Individual Kata events, also with a fine performance of Goju Shiho Sho.

The Welsh Senior Kumite Team also showed much improvement to take joint 3rd place, being narrowly beaten by Germany, whilst the Scottish Junior Men's Kumite Team also achieved joint 3rd place in their event.

John Bruce assisted by Joseph Rawcliffe, Hisham Saif, Stephen Brown and Jordan Probst delighted the audience with a tremendous demonstration of defence against attackers with knife and pole.

A great performance from everyone - congratulations to you all.

The successful KUGB England Ladies

The successful KUGB England Ladies

Holly Sterling - Ashley Scott - Rhianne Blundell

Junior Male Individual Kata

Junior Male Individual Kata

1st Hisham Saif (2nd from left)
3rd Lloyd Birt (3rd from left)

Junior Male Team Kata

Junior Male Team Kata- 1st England

Joseph Rawcliffe - Hisham Saif - Jordan Probst

Junior Ladies Team Kumite

Junior Ladies Team Kumite - 1st England

Megan Dent - Rebecca Rawcliffe - Melissa Finlay

Cadet Individual Kumite

Cadet Individual Kumite

1st Megan Dent (2nd from left)
2nd Rebecca Rawcliffe (1st left)

Cadet Male Kumite

Cadet Male Kumite

Silver - Jordan Probst (1st left)

Junior Male Team Kumite

Junior Male Team Kumite

Joint 3rd - England and Scotland

Senior Male Team Kumite

Senior Male Team Kumite - 2nd England

John Bruce
Joseph Rawcliffe
Ryan Tucker
Jonathan McGorian
Christopher Cray
James McGorian

Senior Male Kumite

Senior Male Kumite- Joint 3rd Wales

Mathew Hook
Mathew Stockham
Christopher Evans
Ross James
Callum O'Neill

Recent KUGB Reports

Historic KUGB Reports