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You may apply for a KUGB licence by registering on our Membership website and completing the online form or visit


KUGB Licences and Affiliations, PO Box 1417, Sunderland, SR5 9RJ
0203 920 9061

Fees & Payment

Current fees can be found on the KUGB membership portal

KUGB Requirements

Individuals may become members of the Karate Union of Great Britain by joining a KUGB club and purchasing a KUGB licence.

An individual must be a member of a currently affiliated KUGB karate club before applying and this will be verified upon application.

The KUGB insurers provide cover to new KUGB club members to train at a KUGB club for up to 3 occasions in order to allow them time to apply for and receive a licence.

The minimum age for joining and training with the KUGB is 4 years old. This is a guideline only and some clubs may have a different minimum age based on their own criteria. You should always check this with the club instructor (Sensei).

There is no maximum age limit for joining and training with the KUGB, and indeed we have many members in their 70’s, 80’s and over who continue to train on a very regular basis.

Benefits of membership to the KUGB

Clubs and their members enjoy many benefits, for information on some of these benefits please click here.

Information for club members

Information is regularly sent to KUGB clubs via email, as well as being displayed on this website and on our social media channels. This includes lists of courses, gradings, competitions and other important information. Club members will have access to this information through the club secretary, club notice boards, bulletins and, of course, via this website.  Some information relevant to you may be sent via the App.

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