Sensei Paul Archer

Paul started karate with the Tamworth KUGB Club in 1974 and has been a continuous member of the Club and organisation since. Paul is now one of the senior instructors at the Club and is heavily involved in the day to day running of it. There is a wide range of students of di erent gender and ages. All have various levels of learning, which brings its own challenges. Paul nds this aspect of instruction the most satisfying. He has helped many Club members achieve black belt status as well as competition success at regional and national level.

Paul’s earliest instructors were Rick and Mick Jackson from Coven- try and Cyril Cummins from Birmingham. His rst experience of Japanese instruction was Sensei Kawasoe followed soon after by Sensei Enoeda and his assistant Sensei Tomita. These in uential instructors inspired Paul to want to train harder and improve his Karate. Paul has been a member of the Central Kata Squad since its inception over twenty years ago. It is run by the Central Region but is open to any KUGB member who wishes to improve and understand their kata. Instruction is by Sensei Frank Brennan and has proved extremely popular. Squad membership has increased year on year with a signi cant number traveling from outside the Central Region.

Paul remains committed to the KUGB and has been Treasurer for the Central Region for over twenty years and an Assessor for eighteen years. He has assisted with the administration process involved with hosting the Central Region Championships for many years and has represented the Club in the Champion- ship too. As a long standing member of the KUGB he has seen many changes and believes the organisation still has a sound basis for traditional karate and continues to be held in high regard internationally.

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