Sensei Paul James - 6th Dan

Sensei Paul James

I became interested in karate after seeing it on a TV programme as a kid, I was mesmerised. Being small for my age, school could get a bit rough from time to time and I was keen to find any advantage I could get! At the age of 15 a new dojo opened in the village and I jumped at the chance to join; I was immediately hooked, and have been ever since.

I started competing quite late, mostly as a way to gain experience while I was training for my Shodan. I didn’t do too well at first but with some experience, practice and a lot of effort I started getting better, eventually becoming KUGB Welsh Kata Champion 13 years running, twice medallist at ESKA (for both team kumite and individual kata), as well as being a regular finalist at the KUGB Nationals and Shotokan Cup, as well as many open tournaments.

After retiring from competition in 2010 I was appointed Kata Coach for the KUGB Wales Team. In that time we have gone from strength to strength with 20 podium positions for kata in 10 years. I feel very privileged to have positively influenced such a strong squad and extremely talented team.

If anything, my passion for karate grows stronger each day. Nothing makes me happier than teaching karate at all levels, whether elite international competitors, beginners, people with learning difficulties, anyone and everyone, it’s a deeply rewarding endeavour. I’m immensely proud to be part of the KUGB family

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