Sensei Martin Olver

Martin started his karate training in 1985 after being encouraged to do so by his wife Carol and sons Christian and Stephen, who had joined the new beginners class at the Kushiro Karate Club a few days earlier.

They trained together on a regular basis as a family taking every opportunity to practice karate which at that time was 5 days a week. Martin passed his 1st dan grading in February 1989 and started assisting with the club instructing. He was asked if he would take on the running of the Kushiro Karate Club in 1997 as the senior instructor and owner, Bill Brazier, had decided to retire from karate. Martin ran the club jointly with his wife Carol up until 2007 where we handed the club over to it’s current owner Sensei John Bruce.

Within the time of running the Kushiro Karate Club they took many students from beginner to achieving their black belts. Some of who went onto achieving much success at regional and national championships including winning the team kumite at the national championships and going on to represent the KUGB England team in many European and World championships.

From 2007 Martin has continued his karate training at Sendai Kushiro nunder the guidance of sensei’s John and Holly Bruce for who he will be forever grateful for their continued support, encouragement and guidance they have give him.

At the age of 73, some 40 years after starting his karate journey, Martin passed my 6th dan under Sensei Billy Higgins, Sensei Jim Brennan and Sensei Frank Brennan.

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